EOS.IO Scholar Testnet (English)

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Educating the community one block at a time

EOS.IO Scholar Testnet was founded with the vision to provide learning & educational material to Block Producer candidates to give them the opportunity to be involved in a live & safe EOS Testnet environment.

Goals & Vision

  • Opportunity to Learn on a live EOS Testnet
  • Collection of Best Practices
  • EOS.IO BP Server Configurations
  • Troubleshooting & Support
  • Multilingual Documentation
  • High Frequency Rotation of Block Producers
  • Security & Networking audits
  • Establishing Master/Slave Failover Protocol and Configuration

Live Chat (Telegram)

Active development conducted on Telegram:


Early Bird Access (Join Now)

For those interested in joining the EOS Scholar Testnet and want early bird access:

Please fill out this form.

Open Source

Join the development on GitHub, all source code & documentation will be made available publically for everyone to use. Please don't hesitate to contribute to this community driven initiative.


Block Producer Explorer

An easy to use website is provided which allows anyone to quickly see the status & details of each Block Producer that is currently connected to one of the EOScholar Testnet(s).


Developed & Supported by:

EOScholar Testnet is currently being developed & supported by the following organizations:


Social Media

To stay connected with EOS Nation's upcoming news, please join any or all our social media communities:


EOS Nation is showing some great initiative.

Passion will do that!!!

Big thanks to EOSoCal, MEET.ONE and EOS Cannon for their help! By the way, if you want to learn more about EOS, check out the biggest repository of EOS Content! https://github.com/EOS-Nation/Awesome-EOS

Its time to make that change we are the people who can do it!

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