Daniel Keyes discusses the Referendum System at EOS Ignite conference

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During the recent EOS Ignite Conference, EOS Nation founder Daniel Keyes discusses the Referendum System himself and others have been working on. The Referendum System is an integral part of the EOS ecosystem, we look forward to its implementation.

Referendum Roadmap

Thanks to everyone who contributed in the Referendum Smart Contract telegram channel and in our Zoom calls. In particular:

  • Michael Fletcher (EOS42) for his work on our first smart contract iteration
  • Alexandre Bourget (EOS Canada) for his work on eosforumdapp
  • Denis Carriere (EOS Nation) for his work on the tally application
  • Steve Floyd (EOS Tribe) for his work on the EOSVotes UI and community outreach
  • Aaron Cox (Greymass) for his DPOS expertise and commitment to integrating into the Greymass wallet
  • Nathan Rempel (GenerEOS) for his support with he EOSVotes UI and commitment to integrating into EOStoolkit.io
  • Josh Kauffman (EOS Canada) for his insight into worker proposals and help with community outreach
  • Sharif Bouktila (eosDublin) for recruiting volunteers and getting the ball rolling
  • Thomas Cox for his guidance and encouragement
  • Daniel Keyes (EOS Nation) for project management


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