EOSNairobi: Block Producer Code of Conduct v1.0

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Block Producer Code of Conduct v1.0

In keeping with our commitment of openness and transparency to the EOS community, We are publishing this code of conduct to give token holders a clear understanding of where we stand on key issues. After careful consideration and evaluating many of the issues presented on various forums we have put together this code of conduct to define the ideals that have shaped the creation of EOS Nairobi.

Our mission is to catalyzed the adoption of the EOS blockchain in Africa and the rest of the world. We achieve this by investing into the EOS ecosystem through education, community empowerment, Dapp development and our incubator.

We are guided by the principle that individual life, liberty, and property should be held in higher regard than code and systems and should be protected against all forms of financial greed. It is imperative that in our effort to create a secure and censor free internet, the blockchain remains free, fair and open to all. EOSNairobi as a block producer will be acting out the intentions and will of the collective community. We are merely the guardians and custodians of they EOS network.

It is to this end that we commit to the following:

  1. EOSNairobi will always uphold and follow the rules defined by the EOS constitution.

  2. EOSNairobi will always uphold and follow the rules defined by the Block Producer agreement in the EOS constitution .

  3. We commit to maintaining an ongoing dialogue with members of the community and striving to always support community initiatives. We will listen to and always seek to support the interests of the members of the community.

  4. We will abide by the decisions of any arbitration rulings as per the terms of the EOS constitution. EOSNairobi will also remain neutral during the arbitration process and will not interfere by commenting on the arbitration decision.

  5. EOSNairobi will always conduct its matters in an honest and trustworthy manner with integrity being at the core of all decisions we make.

  6. We commit to maintaining full operational and financial independence at all times. We also commit that we will have no operational control by any outside investors and no ownership stake held by any individual or entity that holds vested interest stakes in other block producers.

  7. EOSNairobi will not collude with other block producers to run more than one block producing node. We will also not pay for any votes in order to secure our position as a block producer.

  8. EOSNairobi will provide team and financial transparency that meets the requirements of the EOS constitution.

  9. EOSNairobi will place the highest priority on investing back to the required network infrastructure and personnel to enable the network to perform at its highest level.

  10. We commit to cooperating with other members of the block producing community for the full benefit of token holders.

  11. We recognize that the EOS governance system is a dialogue and therefore commit that any amendments to our code of conduct will be informed by the community’s will and will be broadcast on all channels before formal adoption.

This is our promise to the EOS community.

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