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At eosMeso we are excited about the future we are co-creating. Our vision is of a world no longer limited by borders, no longer oppressed by unfair laws that do not represent the people they rule or conduce to human flourishment, a world more connected across natural and cultural boundaries, where people can share, create and trade value in a more seamless and fluid way.

This is why we banded together some of the most outstanding individuals from our region, who embody these values. We have formed a coalition of Artists, Entrepreneurs, IT Professionals, Software Developers, Media Personalities, Activists, VC´s, University Faculty and Trustees, Law and Finance experts and blockchain advocates, to help usher into our region this vision, powered by the EOS blockchain.

Please visit: https://eosmeso.io to learn more about our team and proposal.

We invite all eos holders to vote for us as Block Producers because of the benefits we provide to the EOS blockchain network as a whole, and not because of direct payment attributable to a particular vote. We aim to inspire and educate the eos holders about the virtues of keeping voting separate from investing as a way to safeguard the network, as well as to distribute their vote widely in the world and support those BP´s doing the most for the network.

We believe that EOS will gain much and so will the world, if EOS is adopted by many cultures in the world. As people from the MesoAmerican region we will strive to share with spanish speakers in our region and beyond to discover the virtues of our system, create tools to empower them and help more and more people participate. We are doing this with the greatest care for ethics, sharing with people the possibilities that come from a transparent, decentralized, inmutable, cost effective and fast blockchain. Our region has been plagued by corruption and bad government for too long, we see the coming Age of Eos as a way for people in our region to participate in a fairer system, where many throughout the world are actively working to keep the truth and honesty above all. We know this transition will take time, but we will leverage the influence of our team to get to this future as fast as possible. A vote for eosMeso is a vote for more users in Latin America, a vote for a large group that can and will take EOS to another level, locally. A vote for more people to join our global system. A vote for eosMeso is a vote for a stronger and more global EOS.

We will always:

  • Strive to strengthen EOS, both by our hardware offeerings to the network and the software tools we provide.
  • Share the truth or our honest opinion about the facts and current state of affairs.
  • Encourage people to educate themselves, be responsible, verify what we and others say elsewhere or on the blockchain.
  • Maintain Independence from other Block Producers
  • Maintain a decentralized partner structure, many partners means more eos in the hands of more creative and honest people.
  • Maintain an attitude of learners, to improve everyday in what we do.
  • Participate in the governance of the network by helping to create the best constitution possible and honoring it as the maximum source of law within our system.

We look forward to more interaction with EOS users from Asia. Thank you for the opportunity to share our vision with you.


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