A NEW EOS Block Producer Candidate: EOSMatrix

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EosMatrix is here to announce our candidacy for EOS.io mainnet with our solid tech expertise and block belief for a better world. Eosmatrix was founded in Beijing but belongs to the world.


BP candidate name: EOSMatrix

Company Location: Seychelles

The Headquarter: Beijing, China

Offices/incubators opening in: Palo Alto, Boston, Stockholm, Seoul, Tokyo

Server Location: Sydney, Australia 


Enhance the Value of EOS Ecosystem 

Establish a ‘Voter First’ EOS Community

Resist any form of ‘Alliance’ and because it causes further Corruption


MUSIKA ZHAO is a serial entrepreneur, a blockchain investor, a musician and a coder. She coded her first musical work A string quartet at 11 and entered top European music college and business university one after another. she was a senior managing member of Qihu 360 oversea department before her entrepreneurial practice.

Handwriting Letter from Musika to all community members:

When big becomes shadow, to claim our souls. Some must rise, the light of old, names in stone, spirit of legends, yet never forgotten. Of honor within and of fear without.

A respectable predecessor, also a block producer candidate suggest that a soft girl shall not face this fierce campaign. I support him but I don’t agree with him. Even EOS is also a girl, So Here am I and here is EosMatrix.

IVEN ZENG is a serial entrepreneur and an expert of cloud computing and blockchain. He Led the architecture design and the deploy of finance clouds of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and China’s Construction Bank.

JAY GUO is an blockchain technologist in IBM, he is exceptionally active in open source projects as a maintainer or contributor  to container projects such as Apache Mesos, cloud Foundry, etc.. He completed his study on electrical engineering and computer science in a leading university in Europe.


EOS is positioned as the blockchain operating system for the DApps as currently Ethereum platform fails to meet the performance and scalability requirements of the most DApps. As the foundational infrastructure for future global DApps, EOS’s performance, availability, security and scalability is critically depending on that of the block producers(BP). Based on EOS’ software architecture, we define a highly reliable, secure, flexible yet scalable deployment architecture to meet the dynamic DApp loads on the future EOS infrastructure.

Architectural Principles

Our design principles are:

 1. Separation of Concerns

Although EOS BP’s core component is Nodeos, in order to avoid the heavy load and on single instance, we need to separate the work load of security, manageability, data persistence and storage from the actual Nodeos component. 

 2. Low Coupling 

We adopt the docker container technology to decouple the dependency between the workload and the physical server instances in order to achieve the flexibility and workload mobilizability .

 3. Horizontal and Vertical Scalability

Auto scaling will be used to horizontally scale up the stateless component of EOS. For the core Nodeos component, we will use vertical scalability approach, taking advantage of the elastic resource provisioning of cloud capability.

 4. Global Scale High Availability

BP nodes’ availability is critically important to the overall health of the EOS DApp ecosystem. We will adopt a global high availability strategy, leveraging the readily available commodity resources worldwide. 

 5. Defense to Depth

Separate the workload into multiple tiers and deploy them into different zones and adopt various security controls on establish a multi-layer security defense system. 

Architecture Overview

The overall architecture is as shown in the following figure. We will install two EC2 instances in the first zone for the EOS system, this two system can do an active/standby relationship. And then we config another ec2 instance in another zone to also back up the EOS system data, this can form a two-site, three-center backup to improve data security. In addition, load balancing can also be performed through the ELB, Security Groups provide security configuration to prevent various attacks and perform snapshots regularly to enhance security of the data. EBS can provide a lot of storage space which we need. Furthermore, users can exchange data through route 53.

Component Architecture

Deployment Architecture 

1. Technical Configuration for Initial Production (June 2018 – Dec 2018)

Physical Server:

Server Model:Supermicro

CPU:Intel XEON E5-2650v4*2

MEM:16*16GB DDR4

Drive: 2*600GB SAS HDD , 2*240GB SATA SSD and 1*800GB PCIE SSD

Net:2*Gigabit Intel network port and 2*10GbE network port

RaidCard:LSI 9240-8i 1GB Cache, for Raid0,1,5,6,10

At first,we will deploy 3 EC2 ,1 for master and 2 for standby, on AWS with C3.8xlarge with 32vCPU ,60GB RAM ,2*320 SSD and 1TB EBS(io1,IOPS SSD) .

Now for test we have one physical server and one virtual machine ,4 vCPU,10 GB Mem and 1TB storage disk space.

 2. Scale up Plan ( Jan 2019 - )

We will add the number of EC2 (for EOS node) and upgrade the system as need .Otherwise we can config to auto scaling on AWS.On AWS we have enough resource for scaling, especially for EBS.For IPFS,We need a lot of storage space. for AWS EBS, one can scale to 16TB, and this can achieve ec2 maximum IOPS to 80000 and maximum throughput to 1750MB/s.

In the future, we will build an EOS as a Service (EaaS) platform based on Kubernetes. The goal is to minimize the difficulty of development and operation of EOS blockchain nodes and Dapps. 

Different node and Dapp organizations as tenants are segregated using namespace and running in different IaaS machines. Providing facilities such as blockchain console the EaaS platform will bring value to all EOS community. EAAS use flexible computation and support horizontal scalability and non-stop upgrade.


 1. DApps and Tool Development 

We are planing to develop helpful tools and mass adoption DAPPs.

 2. The Fund

The Fund is to facilitate DAPP development based on EOS. 

 3. The Incubator

We’re planning to establish incubators in Beijing, Palo Alto, Boston, Stockholm for startups with a longterm vision and a sustainable mind of EOS ecology.

 4. Education Plan

Our Education Plan include a series of tutorial material, lectures, courses and the opportunities for new comers to communication with the EOS pioneers. 

 5. Meet-ups & Hackathon

We’re going to hold developer meet-ups and Hackathon regularly and in different cities each time.


EOSMatrix will never pay for votes or try to manipulate voters in any way, and we disassociate ourselves from this type of behavior. We firmly believe in the liberty, equality, democracy and fraternity of the EOS community.

If elected, we will fulfill our duty and recycle the Block Producer Rewards as a sustainable resource to further help the EOS ecological community.

Meanwhile, we'll keep posting the usage of our resources on a regular basis and how the surplus is spent will be open for anyone to review.


Party testnet monitor browser: https://eos.host

Organization: EOSMatrix

Node domain: eosmatrix.com  

Port(http): 8080

Port(p2p): 7686

Producer name: eosmatrix

Public Key: EOS89jM4sHtPmSRG8o5KVCoQSSugjsLgiyiNcuZA2dtu3mw4eRpYd

Telegram: http://t.me/eosmatrix


Official Website: http://eosmatrix.com 

Email: [email protected]

Steem: https://steemit.com/@eosmatrix

Telegram: http://t.me/eosmatrix

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/eosmatrix

Twitter: @eos_matrix

GitHub: https://github.com/EOSMatrix

QQ: 781785307



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