JEDA statement of ownership disclosure and Code Of Conduct

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Statement of ownership disclosure

JEDA is a nonprofit stiftung foundation registered in Japan, hence there exists no percentage of ownership between its founders. There are no shareholders, and we are not allowed to pay out dividends in accordance with EOS law and with Japanese law.

The board of directors are:

  • Hiroshi Ukai
  • David Zhang
  • Jacky Zhang
  • Tatsunori Hara
  • Masanori Mitani

JEDA will use the income from block producing to support the EOS community and to fulfill our mission objectives as outlined below.

Code of Conduct

These are the guidelines and values that members of JEDA should always follow.

Our Mission

The objectives of JEDA, which are outlined in our certificate of business registration, are as follows:

  1. The advancement of the EOS community. 
  2. The advancement of the EOS ecosystem.
  3. To assist in the creation of decentralized applications and related services running on the EOS blockchain.
  4. To host seminars, technical conferences, and promotional events for EOS.
  5. To spread public awareness of EOS and its related technologies.
  6. The administration of any necessary ancillary services related to the aforementioned, including but not limited to operating costs and staff expenses.

Arbitration & Contracts

We will never attempt to freeze or modify a functional contract, even if we disagree with its usage.

We will thoroughly review any claim decisions made by the arbitration committee regarding a malfunctioning contract, and take into careful consideration the alignment of it's code with it's corresponding Ricardian contract.


We will never use the EOS blockchain to undermine the laws and liberties of Japan.


We will make a consistent effort to maintain and improve our network infrastructure and security.


We will maintain an active presence in the online community and will always consider very seriously the opinions and suggestions of our voters.


We will strive to always maintain full compliance with the EOS Constitution and with the {{regproducer}} agreement.


We will make sure that our staff maintains our job competence and stays informed on the latest developments in order to meet the demands of the EOS network as they emerge.


We will regard all of our fellow Block Producers with dignity and fairness regardless of their rank or position, as well as our voters.


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