EOS Rap Battle Final Submissions

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Here are the entries for the first EOS Rap Battle Contest hosted by the EOSIO Dapps Telegram channel.

We are surprised and delighted by the amount of talent pouring out of the EOS community to partake in this challenge. Thanks to all the participants for making this a hugely successful event!

Also, our deepest gratitude to the sponsors, both individuals and projects, that have filled the prize pool beyond our wildest expectations! Thank you for supporting the EOS community.

Sponsors of this contest:

Also, thanks to Syed, rektkid, da lexx and ac for personal contributions to the prize pool (EOS and SOV tokens).

And now for the submissions...

Chris Henery

Yo Gavin, aha ha ha

I appreciate your out here hustlin
But am starting to find your persistence insultin
Every day in EOS Dapps telegram
Theres some drama with your little scam.
We all see what's coming down the road,
Pure currency but no QR code?

What da fuck SOV people expect? Shits going down like Bitconnect.
Gav's going down for more than just a misdemeanor, dumping bigger shitcoins than Athena.

You took your scheme to the extreme, hyped it up with a gif and a meme, this ain't the American dream, never breaking mainstream

Shillz like Colin sov pays, dumping on fans left in a daze thinking it's accumulation phase while token price ablaze, time to end your scaming ways

And I don't need no beat to rap my diss Chris freestyles just like this, damn straight SOV is rat piss, I laugh as it falls into the abyss. Bye bye now you’ve been dismissed

Kiss kiss 😘


it's like this,
You don't know how to diss,

That worbli chain is a fecal stain that's drowning in cat piss,

So you and Dom?
What's going on?
You on top or you a bottom?
Can you remember or is it best forgotten?
Shit this diss got kinda rotten

Trenton Scott, Sonata Systems, Inc.

WORBLI gonna knock you out
Rekt without compliance no doubt
Put Darth Wobbles in da mix
Before that Cease & Desist

WORBLI gonna save your butt
Before SEC squeezes yo nuts
Team Worbbles is da bomb
Transcendental STOs, Chin-Thai bonds

WORBLI gonna knock you out!

Domenic - worbli.io (CEO)

I didn't come here to teach y'all a lesson.
I'm just gonna let you bitches keep guessin'
Your mesmerized by my centralized show
And the RudeDoucheBag can't even flow
His public defamation and endless aggravation
Only leads to his own internal conflagration
Center your eyes on that decentralized prize
While I put my time into making Worbli rise
So spend your precious hours talking shit about us
and I'll send your ass home on the next short bus.

Nsjames | Scatter

Link to Audio Recording


We keep on waiting, HODL
We keep on building, HODL
We keep on hating, HODL
Lambo lambo lambo lambo

E-O-S-I-O, powered by showercoin,
mt.dew and tenderloin, climate tweets and itchy groin,
got ya voice, but ya voice still sound like minnie fuckin'
micky in the "disney" with the government,

Patience keys seeded, leeway exceeded, CPU needed
heatin up this roast like the ghost of satoshi
tellin you ya actions aint worth the point 5 seconds to complete it

Your jobs wannabe, deleted,
now broadcasting "community versus the b1 villians",
moniker "b2", because we be too strong to take down with only 4 billions,

radio silence, emojis to pump up the jump before ya big june 1st dump
venture caps investing in eth team leads,
dentures needed before b1 feeds me

Don Sengchanh

Lets go EOS
We the best
Shut out the rest
Dont settle for less
This is the next
So go and invest
Get while its fresh

Kevin | envadr.io

who this anti-vaxxer, bytemaster
bet i type faster
than you in my sleep
you fake hacker

and blumer? i'll send a tutor
because he's garbage at computers
to stop me you need the army and some shooters

thomas cox been workin 9 to 5
since ya boy was 5
when the fuck you gon retire
little guy
i would never lie

max mooon
gotchu lookin a baboon
witcha ass out, that's how
i kick a foul tune

eos is clunky as shit
so on sight
i'll put the ddos to dpos
yall lucky i'm polite

cuz i could really take it down
and make it bounce from support
from the shorts
so you hate me now


bitmex getcho shit rekt

Bonz Manifest | EOSart.io

RACE TO THE TOP: to all the vote reward haters :

It’s a race to the top ,
It’s a race to the top ,
Come get your divs
They ain’t never gonna stop

Let’s set the record straight
It’s delegated proof of stake
There ain’t no time to hate
On these divs we ‘bout to make
Shits about to pop , it’s a race to the top ,
Droppin’ knowledge on yo ass ,
Like the crypto king of pop
Haters wanna hate tho,
Like Colin talkin crypto
Talking so much shit
Raleigh gotta drop a SCRAM HO !
People always cry in’, Talking ‘bout , voter buyin
But They ain’t even tryin, to see the silver linin’
Race to the bottom ? Come on Rob ,
Stop lyin
It’s a race to the top ,
It’s a race to the top ,
Come get your divs
They ain’t never gonna stop

Crypto twitter trollin ,
The weak hands are foldin’ ..
divs already flowin’ , to the strong hands that are holdin
People talking trash, rewards they try to bash , its FUD we gotta smash, so we can rake in cash
So listen up y’all , here’s some education
About a voter proxy, we call eos NATION
Voting cream of the crop, the cream rise to the top , rewarding us for voting is a
Race to the top

It’s a race to the top ,
It’s a race to the top ,
Come get your divs
They ain’t never gonna stop

Staking votes to Nation
Collecting that inflation
Stacking divs so fast , imma
take a beach vacation
Rewarding us with DAPP,
droppin money in our lap,
Selecting good BP’s , ..from all over the map .
EOS fast and free ,
That’s the way is supposed to be
Go download a wallet, check it out
And you’ll see
Race to the top ? Yea, that’s how it’s gonna be

It’s a race to the top ,
It’s a race to the top ,
Come get your divs
They ain’t never gonna stop

Raegwyn | BitUniverse

Link to Audio Recording

EOS, yeah EOS, expected a Lambo, now can't buy a Prius.

Early investors, who thought they were clever,
joined a 4 billion ICO, which then took like forever.

How to get rich? Become a Blockport! (They said!)
These days we know, all you need is to short.

Sell some RAM here, buy some votes there,
ETH will die for sure, once awesome EOS is here.
(They said!)

Larimer, so smart, he is like a god,
so believe in his words:
Put more Fiat in the EOS POT.

How will it work? Delegated Proof of Stake!
And what does that mean? That it is awesome
and totally no fake!

What about scaling? That's nothing to bother.
Just get some EOS, while Larimer takes your Mother.

EOS will pump, other Cryptos will bleed.
EOS will MAKE, Bitcoin OB-SO-LETE.

EOS, yeah EOS, expected a Lambo, now can't buy a Prius.


You know how to play nice, but aren't so much
Funny that fails anything you touch

Down from top 21, but please don't cry
At least your ego is reaching the sky

1 million eos bet, that’s a nice prediction
Not even close to being fucking science fiction

You’re good on social media too, I can give you that
But why are you playing like a little rat?

40k in Pixeos? Let’s delete that tweet
Guy is kinda sketchy but cares ‘bout his shit

Telegram shills gone too?
Oh, that's a pity
DICE for 0.004 was a "great buying opportunity"

And your youtube channel?
Yea, you like to talk
Produced more paid promotions than blocks

Paying Trezor bounty was pain in the ass
But hate on you gained critical mass

You ask me who deserves this kind of lynch?
Who else could it be?


~ indicates song
" Indicates rap

~i got rekt so hard
Like a fucking retard
And afterward
I say dice en-garde

"Fuckin dead dapp,
Courtesy of crazycap,
Bitch we all like mice jumpin up n down a mousetrap,
It's complete crap,
Human mental mishap,
Took our money n later gave us all a solid bitch slap,"

~Dear strider and co,
Dumpin all high to low,
Till the price goes below,
0.1 ai see oh...

Oh yah oh yah

Let it gooooooooooo

Brouhahahaha (Dev and meme lord)

Yo yo
I'm reppin' team Parsl, you know my bars kill.
Got women indeed and I give 'em my SEED.
Shout out to Maboo from Everiped
-ia, that dude's way clever with media
In fact I used to be an editor on RapGenius
til I realized that all the tokens I had were meaningless
They were not on a blockchain... it wasn't crypto
I'll be darned if I don't get paid for this sick flow
when it comes to EOS, people are a bit slow
I'm telling everyone I know, everywhere I go
Other rappers lose their self-eSTEEM with every Bit I Share

As the sniffling computer scientist tries to ungoo his sinuses
reaches for his handkerchief, Initialized "dry" and minus viruses
algorithmically blows his nose but the mucus just doesn't fit
causing an Integer Overflow... so he hawks and spits
Get it? I'm sick with the rhymes
Ethereum maximalists need to get with the times

Gavin - Destoryer of Tokens

Link to Audio Recording

Verse 1

Every single day, I get up and say, I didn’t come to play I came to be the fucking game.
You think got this? Like you something big? The truth is you just like a kid, you need a fucking bib.
And you think you know, but you so slow. It’s pathetic and it really fucking shows.
You know you lost. You try and floss. Compound your loss. You need to stop.

Chorus / Anthem

SOV stocked. Contract locked. Fake news stopped. Marf please.. you a thot.
SOV stocked. Contract locked. Fake news stopped. AC please.. you a thot.
SOV stocked. Contract locked. Fake news stopped. Hack please.. you a thot.
SOV stocked. Contract locked. Fake news stopped. Chris please.. you a thot.

Verse 2

No matter what you say. I show up every day. I jump right in and crush the fud and drink your fucking hate.
You think you in the lead? But you ain’t got no deed. All you really got is broken hopes and dreams.
You a fuck bitch. You a scared trick. Little cheap hoe. Thirsty for some Gavin dick.
What you think you know you don’t, what you want to do but won’t, All your words are just a front, cause you got nothing you want.

Chorus / Anthem

SOV stocked. Contract locked. Fake news stopped. Marf please.. you a thot.
SOV stocked. Contract locked. Fake news stopped. AC please.. you a thot.
SOV stocked. Contract locked. Fake news stopped. Hack please.. you a thot.
SOV stocked. Contract locked. Fake news stopped. Chris please.. you a thot.


🎶 This situation is getting petty.
The blockchain has gotten iffy.
Devs have never been this busy.
All these updates yet price dropping I'm feeling dizzy.
Im on a smear campaign and its one that's real shitty.
Write it on the wall for all to see this EOS thing is shifty
---'Fck EOS', coz the battle aint won (ain't one)------
(Block.one) has turned my pile of cash to pitty.
(Broke one) women no longer call coz they miss me.
(So far gone) had to sell some tokens to get tipsy.
(SOV's are gone) in this life I'm getting pissy.
(My mind's gone) piss on everyone just to get freaky
----------------- 'F
ck EOS' -------------
Blockchains aint nothing but a bunch of rodeos.
My foes, I'm about to crush like oreos.
Its all just a charade, they aint no heroes.
If all just a parade, made up of zeroes.
----'Fck EOS, make me wanna shoot a fckin video----
ck Blumer, Larimer, today they meet a real animal.
A smooth criminal.
The mandate is in come greet a real cannibal.
Fighting for survival, gotta be methodical.
Never thought I'd get to be this practical
Damn! this crypto space became diabolical.
Dan! posting on social like this' a carnival.
--Like Hannibal, fuck! EOS sold us on fiction ------------
Four billion dollars invested as a sign of affection.
Yet over a year later and still no cause of action.
They must think we came here because of fashion.
Block.one aint nothing short of a corrupt faction.
I'm about to form a full force retaliation.
and I won't stop until I get my satisfaction.

--------- So 'Fuck EOS', deviling like an itch ----------
The plan was not to get rich,
but damn! Ain't this about a bitch?
Looking around, searching for ways to make a switch
Forced to get my point across, like a snitch.
Except this time Block.one will get the bloody stitch.
Hunting you down like a witch
Unlike the S.E.C imma ac-tua-lly make you twitch
Then make-you-see that nor-ma-lly crypto's my niche
Dang! You don't really wanna see me mad
Dan! the EOS community treated you like a dad
Man! how could you let things get this bad?
Swam, with the fishes now you dead.
Bam! you just came across Judge Dredd

Dread the reason I've been under stress
Treat this record as a sign of distress
You took advantage like peeking under a dress
The heck you take me for a mistress?
May the lord bless, imma light this gas
Get this story printing through the press
Until it's read by the pres----ident
How Larimer sold us on confi----dence
then never gave us our due divi----dends
and just how the SEC gave you provi----dence
A get out jail free card - the hea--ven stairs
Well this is my stance
You can't treat us like spares
What you take us for, some Stans?
Make me write a diss track with real substance
Still my mind flows deeper than my inked pens
Imma dump on you then pull up my pants
Call me Mike Pence,
I'm connected to the pentagon.
Make one call, to Trump and you're gone.
It's understood and it's known
That once the seed's grown
It's time that it's sown
So I dig in my lawn
Bury you 6feet, no more EOS con
I've led and I've shown
It's all dependent on,
Those you did wrong
It won't be very long before you get blown
And those are reasons why I made this song. 🎶

Modern Liberty | EOSBet.io

Link to Audio Recording

The time for my Diss, did I just miss?
Its only just now that I've started to get pissed.

As for Mr Larimer I used to be a fan, now I no longer think he’s the Man. In ways I wish I never listened when he talked, in ways I wish I never looked at EOS and bought, infact It’s probably best that we never cross paths when I walk. That little pink dress fits little fuck well, the only thing missing is Big Scam Smell.

One single person jamming up the fuckin Chain at the ring of a bell, creating CPU hell… and we wonder why the price fell.

Fuck you Dan; my Diss is at you.
If you I never knew, then the hell of fuckin EOS I never would’ve went through…
If you I never knew, then the hell of fuckin EOS I never would’ve went through.

I would have stayed with CZ with my BNB; instead I chose to listen when you said No Tx fee and a good BP.
Now I've got fuckin nothing Dan, can’t you fuckin see.

Platinum wrist505

EOS claims dey the best
shitty software but long as the top 21
(Bp) Bullshit people
get they pay dey
start let's play on common ground so I hashtag that's Gay
getting money out EOS IS like find a needle in a bail of hay
error dis error dapps
EOS got you back of you pocket and lk ripple just ripped it off
probably hacked crytpoia and gotta million plus users pissed off
now tell me again
what EOS transactions cost
not enuff cpu you damn right my staking off
gonna banish my middle fingers cause this Ram piss me off


(No lyrics provided.)


(No lyrics provided.)

Contestants, please ensure that your rap lyrics have been properly documented. The judging will start in a few days. If you need any corrections, contact da lexx or ac on Telegram.

After judging is complete, the results will be published and the winners contacted to receive their rewards.

Good luck to all, and thanks for participating!




gave you ur first penny my n word

now u have tocalmeone

ok now, go look at my eos raps


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