Watch Daniel Larimer, Brendan Blumer, Brock Pierce, and Ian Grigg's Presentations from Blockchain Live in London, England and Shape The Future in Hong Kong

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If you weren't able to attend Blockchain Live in London, England or Shape the Future in Hong Kong this past September, you can view the presentations given by CTO, Daniel Larimer; CEO, Brendan Blumer; Partner, Brock Pierce; and Partner, Ian Grigg below.

EOS and the Era of DACs by Brendan Blumer, Daniel Larimer, and Brock Pierce

Building Enterprises on the Blockchain by Brock Pierce

Scaling Blockchain Computation and Storage by Daniel Larimer

Prime Sectors for the Next Wave of Blockchain Adoption Panel with Brendan Blumer

The Future Growth of Blockchain Innovation Panel with Daniel Larimer

The Governed Blockchain by Ian Grigg: Presented at Shape the Future Summit in Hong Kong

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It's great to be part of this historical shift. Thanks a lot for making these videos available in a single post :)

correct me if i am wrong, but i think EOS - aside from a being a platform like ethereum - would also be a currency in the ecosystem, and by having enough you can potentially pay nothing (because you are staking it)?

if so, this is great. i am a big fan of EOS and i'm not planning to sell any token, i hope we can use this as currency.

this is epic, and there are talking at fintech at London, yeah boi

WOW! A wealth of information being shared here, this is great for those of us just getting started and trying to learn more about the future direction of blockchain technology and the applications coming with it. I'm working my way through all the videos.

Thank you for sharing this with us.

It's great to be part of this historical shift. Thanks a lot for making these videos available in a single post :)

It's great to be part of this historical shift. Thanks a lot for making these videos available in a single post :)

Absorbing all this great information!

Simply incredible! Geniuses at work :) Exciting and empowering times ahead! Thank you

Ian Grigg's presentation "The Governed Blockchain" introduced me to the key concepts that differentiate the EOS model and put it above the line in the win-win domain vs the zero-sum game of win-lose. This is what will attract entrepreneurs to give value not take value.

Great videos, thanks for posting. The two I especially enjoyed were Brock Pierce's where he talked about his involvement in the space, he really seems like he's trying to change the world. I even got chills the last minute or two. I also loved the more technical video of Dan Larimer, I had heard about storage being a part of the EOS platform but I had no idea they were including GraphQL services on the nodes!

AMAZING i LOVE seeing ANY videos about Dan and EOS/Steem/Bitshares

I have had people coming to be saying thanks for telling them to buy EOS! I have doubled my money buying EOS at 50 cents whole its now over $1.10 and its helping everyone whop bought EOS at the bottom who BELIEVED in it!

Now it will go back to its initial price and I will be able to say I bought at the bottom!
Amazing that in that first video with Dan someone asks about what EOS Uber looks like, decentralized Uber...

Its a really good think my friend @lionspaw just came over he wants to get his company that puts ipads or Tablets in back of Uber/Lyft cars allowing drivers to earn Up to $600 a month while already driving for uber/lyft, so ads for ride shares, onto Steem with a Smart Media Token so we can let him give free rides in uber and lyft to the customers, people can trade tokens and get free rides after watching ads in the back of the uber or lyft, drivers can give out rides, and I am so happy my friend came over today to connect the dots! cant wait for my opportunity to get more cheap EOS because its gonna be waaaay more expensive that ethereum... ethereum will be seen as the Friendster or Myspace of the Blockchain Virtual Super Computer software.... ethereum tried to make it but was derailed by its own bad programming it was like a poorly designed engine that was designed to go 200MPH and it burned out at 30MPH and blew a few cylinders and is just limping along as bitcoin is rising through the exosphere eith EOS being fueled up at the launch pad