Join the team as they headline Blockchain Live on September 20th in London, England

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The event:
Blockchain Live has invited CEO, Brendan Blumer; CTO, Daniel Larimer; and Partner, Brock Pierce to headline their 4 track event which aims to unlock the value of blockchain for enterprise and the public sector.

For the full agenda, you can visit

We have a select number of conference passes which we would like to offer to developers and EOS community members that would like to attend Blockchain Live on September 20th, as well as the EOS VIP After-party.

If you'd like to attend, email with a little information about yourself and why you are interested in learning more about the EOS.IO software.

More on EOS at Blockchain Live:
Blockchain Live had a chance to sit down with Brendan Blumer and Ian Grigg while in London last month. See what they had to say here:

-The Events Team

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Looking forward to join, thanks for sharing.

Will there be a livestream of the conference?

why did this get flagged into oblivion? no explanations or comments left by flaggers. that's really shitty - i can understand disagreeing with a post or finding it 'offensive' but it's really chickenshit to just 'hit and run'

Wow! That's great news !!! Definitely going to London on 20th September.

Thanks fir sharing thus post. Nice.

Great news thank you for this interessing information


Hi @eosio! as far I understood this event is only for developers... I am a curious woman who would love to learn more about it...

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thank for sharing

Great news, would love to come! Resteemed!

I'm very excited about EOS however after much research I have one question I hope someone here can help me with- Dan Larimer mentioned that Bitshares can and already is hosting ICO's, why not use Bitshares for EOS token distribution, why use Ethereum? Thanks


The distribution will be much more widespread as an Ethereum token, Bitshares could support it but ERC-20 is the current "standard"