Join EOS at London Fintech Week 2017

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Hi Everyone,

EOS has partnered with FinTech Worldwide to sponsor a series of 4 conferences throughout Europe and the US, and the first stop is London Fintech Week from July 10th - 14th!

Building on the positive energy and insightful discussions that started at Consensus 2017, we are giving a select number of week-long VIP passes to community members that are interested in becoming potential EOS developers and/or EOS Ambassadors.

If interested, email [email protected] with information about yourself and your desire to join us at London Fintech Week.

For those of you that are new to the community, here’s our sponsor summary from the upcoming event.

EOS is a decentralized community built on an agile high performance public blockchain.

As decentralization becomes accepted as the future infrastructure of the global economy, current blockchain platforms do not scale to support mainstream development or performance requirements; they are further restrained by sequential throughput, high transaction fees, and unsustainable network costs.

EOS is a distributed operating system designed for high performance decentralized applications. EOS handles Databases, Permissions, Scheduling, Authentication, and Inter-app communication to simplify the complexity and reduce the time requirements of building, deploying, and governing blockchain applications.

EOS is a self sufficient distributed computing network that has no reliance on any single foundation, corporation, or individual.


EOS everywhere. :) Nice.

Nice post! What will happening, if someone resteem your post?

True... EOS is giving tough challenge for Ethereum...

So wait guys, when is EOS coming to the exchange. So when is it possible to trade?

Definitely willing to travel for this!

Awesome! I wish I could attend this.

This is awesome :D
If only I have passport I would submit one. It takes a long time in my country to make one.

This is awesome,expect it!

When is their ICO? or am I mistaken and there is no ICO? I signed up for their email alerts, got an email with their white paper a few weeks ago.

The ICO doesn't start yet. Here is a draft of the tokens sale:

All I want to know... When can I get my hands on some tokens?

I just send an email out of pure hope to go there :D
Thanks for the information!

is this just to attend or be an ambassador?

Whoops, didn't see your reply sorry! Just as an attendant :)

that's ok :) so do you have a ticket?

I did get a reply! Not sure yet, but I hope so :)

This is awesome. @eosio do you know when it is coming to the US?

When ico... when polo... when dividend... Wren wren ?