How Is EOS different from everything else?

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(Artwork by @rubenalexander)

Hi Everyone,

In our community channels we are frequently asked how EOS compares to other blockchain platforms.

We can’t comment on the innovations of others, but EOS is the only blockchain platform designed with:

Parallel Processing

Parallel processing capabilities bring continuous scalability and a reliable high performance foundation for your applications. Existing single threaded capabilities force every application to share the capacity and performance of one single-threaded blockchain, create hard scaling limits, and eventually suffer from network congestion that may result in platform-wide downtime.

A Decentralized Operating System

The EOS.IO software assists developers with databases, permissions, scheduling, authentication, and inter-application communication. This greatly simplifies the process of building and deploying decentralized applications, and widens the potential developer audience to anyone with basic web development experience.

The EOS.IO software is designed to allow developers to leverage the blockchain without sacrificing development time or compromising mainstream performance standards.

A Ratifiable Constitution

The EOS constitution governs the block producers and every transaction on the network through a peer to peer User License Agreement. The Constitution outlines a transparent framework for dispute resolution, force majeure decision making, and creates a common default arbitration framework for all users globally.

Self Sufficiency and Evolution

An EOS blockchain is an entirely self sufficient, self funding, distributed network with all governance on chain; it does not rely on any single foundation, corporation, or individual.

Slow predictable creation of new tokens (max 5% annually) are distributed by the community through elected smart contracts to fund network operation and growth.

One of the largest and most diversified blockchain communities
EOS is built on the backbone of the Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS) community that has built and run the largest smart businesses in the blockchain ecosystem today - BitShares and Steem. With more than a billion dollars in market capitalization and more network activity than both Bitcoin and Ethereum combined, this community has begun pushing its innovations to the forefront of the space and are expanding the boundaries of what is capable.

We believe the EOS.IO technological innovations and the DPOS community is poised to rapidly accelerate the buildout and adoption of the decentralised economy.

More information coming this week.


Thanks for using the image!

I was messing around with the eos test net ico and this is my reward! And on father's day no less. : )

Great design, man! )

Interesting as a line mark 2d is the shadow of a dynamic 3d structure

Great observation!

🍹🍹Happy Fathers day and congratulations on the beautiful design!🍹🍹

Very beautiful job on that logo!

Nice artwork Alex. :D

Don't forget @Peerplays :)

No fees and 1ms transactions. Let's go people, this is going to beat ETH and BTC to the ground. I won't comment it's exchange markets value, but it is surely going to the moon with it's technology offer.

I was about to ask how this compares to something like IOTA?
Please feel free to respond, but your post pretty much answered those questions for me.

Im looking forward to more post and updates on EOS.

Thanks again.

IOTA requires proof of work on every transaction (fee by another name).

So interesting and enlightening that you say "fee by another name". As i read your reply I'm thinking "wait a minute IOTA say's it is fee free" . Then I had the realization that they are just using different labels. If there is PoW then there is a fee, its just being paid via your PoW instead of the native token. That is so sly of them.

Thank you for the clarification.

Sly, except that no one benefits from it aside from as spam prevention for the network. It's an artificial cost to compensate for the artificial subsidy of "fee free" transactions, resulting in unnecessary economic friction. EOS and Steem instead pay for transaction costs directly through dilution of their native tokens, resulting in profit if those transactions create value, and loss if they do not. Since transactions are rate limited based on stake, those with nothing at stake can't spam the network and waste its resource without the consent of those who are invested in its success.

Who pays matters. Iota makes user pay. Steem and eos do not.

But your IOTA wallet does the payment by processing 2 transactions? I don't see this as a "real" fee. Just the cost of keeping your wallet online for 60 seconds or so? Can this really be clarified as a fee?

With that being said, I am an EOS investor... But I like IOTA as well.

Bruh you just gave me some crazy insight. ThANK YOU SO FREAKING MUCH!
blowing my mind gif.gif

Loved this Convo. I'm invested in IOTA and this is a valid point as to why EOS looks better when compared to IOTA when it comes to fees..

hum... Interesting, it did not appear that way to me either... Time to revisit their papers

The more I hear about EOS, the more interested I become.

Sounds like an improved Ethereum, more or less. And with way less baggage.

I'm noticing the same thing! Ethereum will continue to be high up on the ranks until more people realise this too. No one wants to believe there may be something 'better' than the token they have invested in. But it really does look like (on paper at least) EOS has the advantage on pretty much all levels over Ethereum.

Thank God there is a 12 month ICO so the noobs get bored that this crypto is 'mooning' every 1 and a half days...

Yea, having a longer ICO was a very smart move - it helps keep EOS from being another overvalued / overhyped product, gives them a chance to actually build the thing haha.

thanks for posting such an informative article. as a beginner to this platform and blockchains i appreciate all the help i can get from knowledgeable individuals such as yourself. upvoted, resteemed and following for future tidbits ;)

EOS will be huge. I wonder tough how this Decentralised Operation System wil synergise with a Decentralased Computers like SONM? Or will it at all?

SONM is just an Idea. So is Golem. Ideas can not "synergise" with anything meaningfully.

Thanks for the informative post! I strongly believe EOS will solve all the issues that BitCoin and Ethereum are facing nowadays! EOS will be the rockstar in term of CryptoCurrency!

@dantheman @dan you mentioned in your interview with @jeffberwick that EOS is working with some application developers in this early test phase as the blockchain and tech on EOS' end is still under development. Is there still room for collaboration at this stage, or are you waiting until things really go live to open the floodgates for app developers?

I ask because I have a friend who is doing some amazing smart-grid utility and renewable energy work here in Vermont. He's been meeting frequently with the state's largest utility and has some energy projects under contract, one of which is an ambitious thermal energy storage project which uses the middle of the night point of incredibly low energy demand and thus rock-bottom prices to heat water and essentially create a thermal battery that can be drawn upon for heat during normal energy usage times when the price is back up.

A lot of the tech stuff goes over my head, BUT...I can see the massive potential in his project and in yours and I've been rapping to him about the blockchain and he is super interested. I think that EOS is the tech that will allow his project to really come to full fruition. Please let me know if there's anything I can do to facilitate a collaboration. Thanks!

Is your friend still pursuing this project? I am heading up some similar work in a different part of the energy industry and would be interested in speaking with him in this regard.

Yes, he's still at it.

Here's his website: and his name is Morgan. I told him to establish a presence on Steemit for some of his projects but he has yet to do so. Tell him you talked to Andy on Steemit if you reach out. Good luck and thanks for your work towards a more sustainable energy future!

So will there be an ICO and shouldn't Steem members get first shot at pre-sale!!

How much EOS is needed to stake?

A good post outling EOS and its potentials, thanks.

I don't know much about EOS, but when I saw that one piece "widens the potential developer audience to anyone with basic web development experience.", I'm in.

Great explanation by index about EOS and beautiful illustration. and also thank you for the vote about Japan boost up with steemit. Regards David from Japan.

Basic web development experience: does it requires linux server, mysql kind of stuff?

Don't think so, I guess that they will provide an API.

okay, thank you for getting back to me :)

Nice post! What will happening, if someone resteem your post?

Im all in on the EOS's.

this is cool

Great article. I believe we need more people to know EOS. Especially those Ethereum enthusiasts.

Concise post! Look forwoard to the ICO

The image is sweet!, is that your design @rubenalexander?

Thank you for your good post. I understand little English and only understand what Google translates for me, but I liked this post.

It's revolutionary

Thanks for the post

please follow back & vote. Thank!

From.80 cents to $5, I think it is a bit too hyped too early...and anything that gets hyped too early gets dumped and abandoned later..I hope that doesn't happen with EOS as it does sound like a groundbreaking catalyst (zero fees!)...

Merci pour ton aide vous êtes gener

Great Article. Looking forward to the ICO.

would i be right in thinking this is kinda an evolved thinking of what steemit is or at least what was wished it could have and therefore a better iteration on that?

Techie stuff, I'm learnign anyway

Nice innovative and informative post.

Good work
Very helpful information

Nice to find a site with concentrated information content.

Just found out the other day about EOS. Im so glad to have found this article ! Thank You !

Does this in any way relate to concepts like gridcoin and using the CPUs/GPUs to help advance BOINC projects (rather than just "mining")?

This is great! Tell us more! :)

Can someone discuss (or point me in the right direction) as to what it means to buy and hold EOS on an exchange like Bitfinex as of today, when the ICO is still going on?
My main question is, if I continue to hold these ERC-20 tokens of EOS on Bitfinex, will there be a coin swap at some point to EOS? And will this be done automatically or manually?

I have been researching about EOS for weeks now (I have been buying around the levels we are see now - 15k-20k sats) and this issue of the coins and what they will mean going forward is still unclear to me and it seems many others.

Thanks :)

sounds like tezos from the darkside of the moon

Just did a video looking into EOS. Included this post.

Great article, also the image is nice.

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