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Today we launched the updated eos.io website: https://www.eos.io, which includes details of the EOS Token Distribution schedule, which will commence June 26th 2017 at 13:00 UTC.

For anyone interested in reading more on the rationale of this distribution, check out our post: https://steemit.com/eos/@eosio/logically-consistent-principles-for-token-distributions

We are very excited to be sharing this news with you and continue to appreciate the level of interest we’ve seen from this community. If you haven’t yet, join the conversation on:




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Could you confirm, that this tutorial is correct?

The site background make me hypnotized.

I bet those 100% self-upvotes on all of your comments are rather hypnotizing as well! haha

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I'm not good in english that's why cannot do blogging and to earn some.
Upvoting makes you earn money, and I need it and that's the purpose of steemit to profit.
Upvoted :)

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I was mainly saying that as a joke that would make you think a little bit. The rewards pool (what pays you and everyone else) should be respected and looked at as something that is given to people who earn it. You may not speak English well, but that shouldn't make you feel like you have the right to simply give yourself money all day that could be going to the people that contribute meaningful content here. Maybe make some posts about learning English if you feel like that is a skill that you could use to better yourself and others?

Just food for thought, as you are paying yourself nearly $15-$20 for comments that are only a couple of words that some people work, weeks, or months to earn on here. Again, just something to think about ;-). Good luck!

Interesting point of view.

Upvoted myself


you are right @joele, the background is very dark and hard to read the text, they should have choose another lite color for this...

Me . . . and probably everyone else:

Waiting for the Steem Ring?


This is actually from the movie "Poltergeist," but I see where you're coming from haha. CARROOLLLLLL AAAANNNNNNNNN!

They're heeerreeeee....

INDEED THEY ARE! Well . . . almost . . . kinda!

Aaah. :D

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Here's the actual scene referenced in the gif if for some reason you're curious:

I dont like poltergeist... its terrefying

Ahahahaha. Ya lets wait for our own death :D

HAHAH YEP! The Slack won't load though!

F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5

Hmm, weird. I'll help you get that sorted out tomorrow as well as your new email address.


Follow me!! :D

"US-IP detected, participation not allowed" -- welp, looks like i'll be SSH tunneling through a Singapore server tomorrow....

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

lol, how coincidental that I chose the same word in my comment and how "decentralize everything" is a direct solution to your issue. :D

tru!! seriously, one of the best learning curves i've ever gone through is learning to use linux very well :D

Le UGH. Same.

TOR Browser is our friend


it sure is....ty for the reminder :)

hops nodes

Those words were very disappointing to read on their site.

VPN intensifies

I'm worried about Ethereums ability to substantiate this launch. I'm worried about all those transactions on ethereum that aren't going through.

Me too. I view it like this: if ethereum can handle this without a hiccup....then that'll be pretty freakin' awesome :)

United States of America: Land of the free!

Joke of the century . . . err, since the beginning of time . . .

Land of the not-so-free </3

Home of the "brave"! :D

Two announcements in one day <3 The countdown is on!
Woah! Wanxiang and Bo Shen will be the ones to present EOS on china.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Thank you for changing the background video...

Which constantly reminded me of Ring :)

Haha same, that's what I thought of when seeing @matt-a's gif too.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Scary isn't it... next thing you can expect is Tokens flowing out of computer screen.... :)

Shut up and take my eth!

Well . . . if you can send it! hahaha

exactly, this will keep the ETH network slow for a whole year!

Follow me!! :D

Welp, time to long eth.

Time to clog the ETH network.


I agree! Pretty proud of myself for not panic selling today nor yesterday with all this crazy movements.
Lets see what happens next. I expect a bull run by the end of the month.. but what do I know lol

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I expect this to pass the Bancor ICO amount easily over the whole distribution!

I'm longing the EOS token not ETH

True! I wonder why they couldn't use bitshares? :D warning: i'm likely showing my ignorance on bitshares at this moment...!

...the funds raised will probably be liquidated by converting to bitcoin or usd. We don't want to lower the value of bitshares when that happens.

Good point!

There is more money on ETH, and also their smart contract platform is already on many exchanges as opposed to bitshares one.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

But, but, you need eth to get eos :(

It'll be like exchanging fiat for cryptos again!

What do you expect EOS will be doing with ETH exchanged for EOS? They'll be funding the project with that ETH converted into Bitcoin or USD. Think outside the box. I won't talk more about it.

EOS is a competing platform for ETH that is going to blow ETH out of the water.

Unless of course, ETH hard forks to make the pain stop. They have a history now of hard forking when they don't like what's on their chain, which is a crude business model. :(

Woah mind blown...

I bet they have already started exchanging it before the crowdsale has opened!

I retract what I said about upvoting my comment. To err is human, and to be human, well, is to err. :)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

You seem like an intelligent guy but don't seem to care much for sarcasm.

PS. I would've had you not upvotes yourself. :p

Cool @eosio, I checked out this project and site before. But i forget about it. Thanks for repost this.

I think it was in steem i see this before.

Wish you a happy steem day. Will head on to EOS and get some information

Best regards // @mrstaf

Fudge muffins! That "US-IP" detection is quite annoying. Ugh!!!!!

So excited for this project!

I hadn't heard or noticed the US couldn't get directly involved before. Any chance there's plans for an Openledger market soon after tokens start emerging into the wild?

I am very interested in EOS.I'm looking forward to smart contract of graphene family.

This is literally the first post I have read on chainbb. I think I'm going to be very glad I found this. Seems like there is nothing but positive info!
Just starting looking into EOS...just another example how blockchain is going to blow the nips clean off the world!

Anyone care to dive into the no U.S. citizen thing?

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Ripple paid a fine of $700,000 for selling XRP to US investors that weren't certified investors. And most people believe that at some point the SEC will try to regulate token sales. If they decide to treat token sales as financial investments in private companies, then immediately, 97% of the US population (that isn't a certified investor) won't be able to buy in. This is just a precaution that most take, but I'm sure that given enough thought to how international law actually plays out, a non-certified US investor could buy into token sales from companies registered outside the US or even US companies since the tokens are similar to commodities, similar to the promises you find in crowdfunding platforms such as kickstarter.

EOS website looks truly awesome.Good luck for the Token sale....

How do I make money here???

"Check here to confirm that you are not a U.S. citizen, resident or entity"

Totally, nobody from US ever clicked that.

"please scroll down fully and check all boxes to proceed "

I've read every word. Like it was with Windows 95 license. You can trust me ;)

My body is ready.

Shut up and take my money!!

Very interesting

And How would someone from the USA get any EOS coins??

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

But when will it be cheaper to purchase EOS Token? During the Pre-Sale or after a few months? Will the price rise after the Pre-Sale? Could someone explain please? Thank you!

Apparently no one really knows until it happens.

I hope someone will tell us the answer...

great sharing... :)

Congratulations @eosio!
Your post was mentioned in my hit parade in the following category:

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Why is EOS on Ethereum and not something like bitshares?

That is a great question!

cool very much

That is so great was looking forward to it @eosio

I've managed to send the ether for eos using metamask but your site keeps crashing so I can't claim them? I've got the transaction my end stored so it went through so do I need to wait and then claim the eos tokens? Please help! Thanks

Very good job !!
You want a translator in French for the white paper ?

I Really dont get it. Are they cheaper in comparison to an Exchange? lets say Kraken?

Regards. MO

I can't wait for this @eosio been reading and watching some videos and am very exited to invest.

Thanks @eosio for all the effort.

Good post...

thank you for sharing

Cool! this is huge news. resteeming.

Good news I guess. Interesting and impressive.

I follow the EOS crypto currency, but I do not dare to join yet

Your doing great work, we are waiting for it.

Your doing great work, we are waiting for it.

This project, this project... ooo this one

Umm. Is the USA invited to the party?

A decentralized Earth of Social Networks.

Obama said no.

Trump said yes.

Bob the Builder, yes we can.

Yes we are, yes we do.

Let's see what is about!

I think this one will beat the recent Stratus record.

Where will we be able to buy EOS tokens.. will it be on any exchanges?

Nice lounched...
Success to you..

I can't join slack or telegram. Please check

Awesome. Thanks for the update!

Wait! We can't participate in the token sale from USA? Please clarify this...

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I think there will be huge hype at first but eventually possibility for all. Looking forward to crowdsale and watching closely news!

This is the future!

Where do you go to download the wallet or would it not be avaible until after the ICO starts?

Looks great! cant wait for the sale and am very excited for whats to come! Keep it up EOS!

To all our US friends, why not just use the TOR browser?


:))))) EOS

Somehow looks like the ethereum logo but on steroids...a sign it's gonna go mooning?

Checking out the FAQ it looks like quite a few wallets aren't supported. Just a heads up for everyone. I didn't see mention of the official wallet. Anyone know?

I was wondering the same thing haven't gotten back a response yet

The site is stupendous phenomenal work !

am following now and going in to read the linked article

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

So this project sounds really awesome. It also has a lot of potential security hiccups based on the feature set. Does anyone know if there has been any formal audits or planned future audits?

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I believe you'll need to convert to ETH first :p

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

No cap and pro-rata distribution? Are you kidding me?... This and Polybius have a strong smell of greed and little substance. You have been warned, generally avoid no cap and pro-rata distribution sales.

EOS Is Profitable ..?

so here's what i dont understand about the eos ICO:
EOS will be put out as an open source software, IF a third party chooses to put it up as a blockchain platform (as intended), they will have full power over changing the platform and choosing what token to use on it. the EOS token sold WILL NOT BE USED ON THE PLATFORM and has no use/ represents NOTHING what so ever...
I dont understand- what are we going to buy? a token that carries the name of a software developed but nothing else???
I have faith in the tech but im clueless about this...
this is straight from the terms:
Company will not configure and/or launch any public blockchain platform adopting the open source EOS.IO Software (the “EOS Platform”) for any purpose;
any launch and implementation of the EOS Platform may occur by third parties unrelated to Company;
third parties launching the EOS Platform may delete, modify or supplement the EOS.IO Software prior to, during or after launching the EOS Platform; and
Company will have no control over when, how or whether the EOS.IO Software is adopted or implemented, or how, when or whether the EOS Platform is launched.

EOS TOKENS HAVE NO RIGHTS, USES OR ATTRIBUTES. The EOS Tokens do not have any rights, uses, purpose, attributes, functionalities or features, express or implied, including, without limitation, any uses, purpose, attributes, functionalities or features on the EOS Platform. Company does not guarantee and is not representing in any way to Buyer that the EOS Tokens have any rights, uses, purpose, attributes, functionalities or features.
NOT A PURCHASE OF EOS PLATFORM TOKENS. EOS Tokens purchased under this Agreement are not tokens on the EOS Platform. Buyer acknowledges, understands and agrees that Buyer should not expect and there is no guarantee or representation made by Company that Buyer will receive any other product, service, rights, attributes, functionalities, features or assets of any kind whatsoever, including, without limitation, any cryptographic tokens or digital assets now or in the future whether through receipt, exchange, conversion, redemption or otherwise.

What's funny it that it is going to be a ERC20 token because the ICO will be on an Ethereum based platform.

I guess you are contributing to the tech by buying the coin. It'll get traded like dogecoin.

Plz how can i buy some of the coin ?

How do others feel about US citizens not being included in the token sale? I understand the CYA but at the same time it sucks being left out of something so incredible.

EOS means 'Dawn' in Greek.

REALLY HOPING I CAN BUY IN THE US! People are saying you can't... so sad... so sad.

Ok .....

Fantastic!. I find myself delighted.

Looks good

Awesome way to centralize all of this information into one neat package. Now If only I could pick an ICO that doesn't collapse right after it meets its funding goal.

A response to Coindesk's hackjob calling EOS a ponzi scheme:

Congratulations @eosio
You took 11 place in my Top 100 of posts

Today normal fell like,

Waiting for the launch ......Hurrrry up please