EOS.IO Heads to Shanghai for The 3rd Global Blockchain Summit 2017

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Wanxiang Blockchain Labs has invited block.one and EOS.IO to headline the 3rd Annual Global Blockchain Summit 2017 in Shanghai this September, where CTO, Dan Larimer, and CEO, Brendan Blumer, will be speaking on a variety of topics.

We are giving away a select number of conference passes to community members that would like to attend September 14th-16th and meet the team. If you are interested, please email events@block.one with a little information about yourself and why you are interested in learning more about EOS.IO.

You can visit http://www.blockchainlabs.org/summit2017/index_en.html. for more details about the conference.

-The Events Team

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EOS looks very promising

Good luck in Shanghai y'all.

EOS is a new blockchain architecture for the development of decentralized applications. we should promote as well EOS, the price will increase
Thanks @dan for creating steemi; Bitshares and eos, it a greay project


In Dan We Trust

Good post! I love to be friends with all friends! Posts from friends can all be taken wisdom and guidance! Thanks @steemit! @eosio.

Ahh . . . I wish I had the liquid capital to fly out there or else I would.

I can only imagine how cool a summit in Shanghai would be. Consensus was awesome aside from the central-centric corporatey vibe (which EOS slayed with no mercy!).

Hopefully you all get some solid folks aboard! I'll be sure to spread the word.

I would love to see Dan speak in person. <3 Unfortunately, I will be no where near Shanghai during that time.

I totally believe in EOS - I want to see it #1

Lets hope EOS can be listed on some more Asian exchanges.

EOS & Shanghai, what a sublime combination.

I cant get my EOS tokens form the crowdsale. Lost during transfer.

Here are my addresses:

Myetherwallet address: 0xA69Ed18dc377352De05b82e19C2d750cA9841AD9
My Metamask address: 0xBCaf20380cd23fBD77117B3d375b46421c58A538

I currently have 191 tokens in myetherwallet but the 69 tokens went to this address instead

I can see my 69 tokens ^^^^

Somebody please help me get them. 69 is a lot of tokens to me.