EOS in Washington D.C., Silicon Valley, and New York City 2017

in eos •  2 years ago 

Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 9.59.42 AM.png

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email sent- grateful you'll be visiting DC

BTW any idea if she's attending?
"Hey, it's Taylor Swift. Different day, different EOS" :-D

Going to work on an email now... I'll be in Silicon Valley :)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Spreadin' the good word! Would love to attend, but will be out of town for the next month. Primarily work-related, which is inclusive of EOS!

Good luck!

and will this event head to LA later, too this year? ;} I'll go to SV to check out that event if get one of those tickets. so going into email mode ;) . Always up to learn more development in tech. luckily this event is just days before going off with team to china later that week for iot semi-finals competition.

p.s. this is pnop ;}

the real Pied Piper, please stand up

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Cool! EOS to the Mar soon

Cheers, spread the word :D

EOS should come to Spain too!

Dont worry @alvarosb EOS will be going to tour all around the world....they are doing great..you dont know someday you will be surprise...

I live in DC, but I already have plans. :(

My sales guy (who is also into crypto) just pinged me about going to the DC one.

Schedule didn't work out, but that Silicon Valley conference may work out great.

Great news.

Wow...EOS team will rock DC...and soon all around the world...you are so brilliant guys....

Hello , I did participated in EOS tokens from myetherwallet , however no EOS tokes yet in my wallet it been 12 hour now. Can some one guide me further. thanks

I am in London
Too far away
But I wish everyone going there a lovely time
Keep it up