A Recap: London EOS Meetup

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One of the largest EOS meetup groups in world at the moment is based in London, and last week the block.one team was invited to attend the most recent meetup held at CodeNode co-working space. With more than 150 members attending the meetup, this growing EOS community were very enthusiastic to hear some key members of the team present. The attendees were particularly excited to take advantage of the opportunity to ask CTO Dan Larimer some in depth technical questions regarding the EOS.IO software.

The knowledge of the blockchain and the EOS.IO software varied throughout the audience, from people relatively new to the space wanting to learn what EOS.IO has to offer, through to seasoned blockchain developers looking to migrate to EOS.IO from other blockchain platforms. The team accommodated this by providing both generalised and specialised presentations.

Our CTO Dan Larimer’s presentation began by introducing the new EOS Dawn project and followed with some exciting updates on what is to expect from EOS.IO in the near future. Dan’s presentation, was mostly focused on EOS storage which is a new innovative solution, part of the EOS.IO software. This exposition was particularly valuable to those attending as Dan has limited time for travel, so it was significant that he was able to find the time to attend and present.

CEO Brendan Blumer gave an exciting presentation on DAC’s (Decentralized Autonomous Collectives) and the future of their importance.

The MC for the meetup was done brilliantly by Dr Jane Thomason from Abt Associates who is immersed in social impact in emerging market and who has become a valued and respected member of the Blockchain community.

All members who attended the meetup were the first to receive the new EOS t-shirts. The artwork for the shirts were designed by a community member and steemit user @benjojo

Dan and Brendan’s Presentations can be watched here

To follow this group and attend any future London meetups go here

This meetup was a great start for the EOS London meetup group and set up a positive setting for the continuation of these events. The growing popularity of EOS meetups globally are very important to us and we are excited to continue to support the facilitation of them. For any interest in starting new meetup groups, please refer to the link below and send any email inquiries to: [email protected]


written by the block.one events team

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It's looking good! I've uploaded the video to youtube for convenience. Please let me know if you'd like me to remove it, and I'll do so ASAP.

This helped me so thank you!

Great... I was looking for it only for the last part...

@srscx Do you have a link to this talk you can privately share?

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I appreciate the video work too.. Helps read the slides..

What happened to the vid?

Is there a video about last Meetup w. Ian Grigg?

Nice work guys, cant wait till eos is up and running!

Everyone waiting fo EOS platform will be launched and then to the moon.

soon my pet.

come on! Dan is super nice guy :-D


I love your token sale, small guys like me can accumulate EOS slowly and steadily. This is more than just money for me, I really think EOS will change the world -- but that's just me being a fanboy.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

With you there ;) Same goes for BTS!

Same here!

EOS tokens are a joke!! block.one has already said holders will not get anything for them!!!

Care to share the reference quote?

You clearly haven't done your research...

Great event, shoutout to everyone!

need the t-shirt :D

EOS go! I think price will go up very soon.

How about picture of dan blinking on one eye

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all good leaders have funny hair

As I understand it, high token price will is seperated from the community consensous of Infrastructure rates. This is a good thing. In any case, I still don't see the full picture of connection of token price and EOS stake.

If it can make me regrow hair like that... XD

Every post i make about eos.io gets flagged and hidden very interesting . all i said was i sold it. maybe it got flagged for the links but other post i made didn't get flagged with links but everyone that has eos in it. has been flagged and i seem people promoting their bitconnect with not flags


I would like to go to the next eos meeting how do you know when they are on?

Thanks events team! :)

Good stuff, any chance that video can be uploaded somewhere where it can be streamed? The video link only allows a download.

Thankyou for sharing. Please don't forget that companies and central banks etc have all provided a service up until now and had a purpose in helping get us to where we are.

While increasing revenue to creators and decreasing costs for extractors. I would always promote to gracefully remove central entities and respect our hard working elders along the way.

@benjojo - the t-shirt looks wicked! How can I get hold of one? (In the UK)

2nd pic guy needs to clean his screen!

Nice meeting you!

Possible to get an updated link to the presentations?

The links to the videos on WeTransfer are no longer working, neither are the YouTube links below.

In a nutshell, what is the "elevator pitch" for EOS?

Amazon web service on the blockchain with support for smart contract

Blockchain based Decentralized AWS that is FREE to use to token holders

Free for everyone, not only token holders.