What the EOS Launch May Look Like - #9

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The EOS launch looks different every day.

The latest video in this series covers:

  1. The new code security questions.
  2. BP unification efforts.
  3. Increased communication between launch groups.
  4. Voting portal updates.

Please excuse the sound quality, mic worked better during last night's mega EOSRad.io show! Full video here -

EOS Go - Empowering EOS, First and Always.

Launch Party Info - https://busy.org/@eosgo/biggest-eos-launch-party-on-the-planet
Launch Video -

About the series - follow along as EOS Go admins Kev and Bluejays share everything they know about what the EOS launch may look like, all the way up until it happens.

These videos release every Tuesday and Friday, making this is a 10-part series. The final video will arrive Friday, June 1.

Research block producer candidates - https://bp.eosgo.io/
How to register EOS tokens for launch - https://www.reddit.com/r/eos/comments/7jarzj/how_to_registerclaim_your_eos_tokens_before_june/

YouTube version of this version:

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Absolutely agree!

Ive been watching all your videos since way back and am so grateful for sharing the info on EOS and all the great BP interviews! Thx again.

Thank you for information! I can't wait for EOS launch, it is one of the strongest projects.

Thanks for providing another great update, was the statement of Unit a response to the announcement of the Chinese bp group you mentioned last episode, haven't anything further from this....

Yes, some of the candidates reportedly got on a video conference for 5 hours, and hashed out a unification initiative that released the next day.

Thank you for providing us with information about important updates that are useful to us.

Awesome work, EOS Go!