EOSRad.io 22 - L2 Exchange, Atidium.io, and Thomas Cox

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We are back!

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Recording available afterwards for those who can't make it.

First, we'll hear from George Bell with L2 exchange, the brand new DEX enabling Binance trading speeds!

George Bell is from DUCATUR, 3rd place winner of the EOSIO Hong Kong Hackathon, and his company has pivoted to utilize their breakthrough technology in a practical way by building the L2 exchange. Information is still under wraps, we'll learn a lot more about the potential and timeline of this project!

Next we'll hear from atidium.io about their Payments and Budget Management Dapp.

Atidium is a cryptocurrency created as a resource to better manage your budget.

You will get 100% control for your expenses thanks to artificial intelligence engine that will teach you how to manage your budget easily. It is ideal for anyone from individuals and families to small businesses and large corporations. As an easy-to-use money management system, Atidium can be used all around the world. Read their whitepaper here.

Finally, we'll hear from THOMAS COX about his latest plans for improving the EOS mainnet, bringing the community together, deciding on V3 and V4 of the EOSIO Constitution options, and more!

Thomas Cox is a blockchain governance and EOSIO software expert - he makes a weekly appearance on EOSRad.io to share his knowledge and expertise with the EOS community.

Kev and Bluejays will talk about the News and Meetups to conclude the show.

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@eosgo really interesting interview with Thomas Cox. I agree the bps who voted on that proposal need to be looked at a little closer. I'm wondering how did that slide under the radar?