EOSRad.io 21 - EOS Ignite Conference, Parsl.co, and Thomas Cox

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EOS Go presents EOSRad.io Episode 21 Monday's at 6pm EST / 2200 UTC - Subscribe on YouTube or check out the live stream link to receive notifications when the show goes live!

Recording available afterwards for those who can't make it.

First, we'll hear from Jun with Ignite Conference about the first ever webcast conference for EOS token holders!

EOS Ignite is bringing in speakers from all aspects of EOS to discuss everything during their conference on August 14 & 15.

Next we'll speak with Dr. Isaac Balbin, CEO of Parsl.co about their dedicated supply chain technology for the cannabis industry!

Parsl is inspired by the revolutionary progress made in cannabis-related medical and scientific research. The team has developed a unified approach that will pave the way for greater standardization across the cannabis industry.

Finally, we'll hear from THOMAS COX about his trip through South Korea and Shanghai, China and what he's been learning at the EOS conferences in both countries!

Thomas Cox is a blockchain governance and EOSIO software expert - he makes a weekly appearance on EOSRad.io to share his knowledge and expertise with the EOS community.

Kev and Bluejays will talk about the News and Meetups to conclude the show.

Meet your EOS Go hosts, Kev & Bluejays:


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