EOSRad.io #20 - LargeSeafaringMammal, ONO, Thomas Cox & News and Meetups

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EOS Go presents EOSRad.io Episode 20 Monday's at 6pm EST / 2200 UTC - Subscribe on YouTube or check out the live stream link to receive notifications when the show goes live!

Recording available afterwards for those who can't make it.

First, we'll hear from largeseafaringmammal.com about their Community drive crypto streetwear business.



Through tokenized democracy, the EOS blockchain, and 75 cans of Monster Energy, Large Seafaring Mammal pumps out high quality, small quantity batches of streetwear for the Crypto enthusiast. Read their whitepaper here.

Next we'll speak with ONO about their plans for launching the ONO mainnet and the upcoming launch of their social media platform.



The ONO DAC is a decentralized autonomous community. The DAC functions by dividing operational tasks and distributing them publicly. This ensures that ONO operates transparently and without management. Participants do not need to be employees to be part of the ONO DAC.

The values of the ONO social network are freedom, equality, social co-governance and diversity. ONO was inspired by the vision of Lao Tzu's approach to public governance which coincides perfectly with the way a DAC operates, thus the ONO DAC was born.

Finally, we'll hear from THOMAS COX about his upcoming Asia trip, the EOS governance news, what on-chain governance is going to look like, and more.

Thomas Cox is a blockchain governance and EOSIO software expert - he makes a weekly appearance on EOSRad.io to share his knowledge and expertise with the EOS community.

Kev and Bluejays will talk about the News and Meetups to conclude the show.

Meet your EOS Go hosts, Kev & Bluejays:


Kev & Bluejays founded EOS Go to help empower the EOS community by providing neutral media, education, and outreach.

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What's with Thomax Cox always being on your show?

Hasn't he been ostracized from the community for acting like an amateur and not respecting EOS core values?

Thomas is a stalwart in the community and one of the few who dare to speak up against Dan, who may not always be correct about every economic and governance related decision.

Block producers are no longer reliable critics of Dan's proposals because block.one has announced their intention to vote with all 100 million tokens. This is a decentralized community, we need differing opinions from respected community members so we can all arrive at the best solution. Thomas is working to provide one such voice.