Announcement: EOSGermany partners with Worbli

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Dear Community,

EOS Germany partners Worbli to create a financial network powered by EOS technology.
We believe that with Worbli and other Block producers we will be able to deliver a market leading solution.

What is Worbli

Worbli is a Financial Services Network (FSN) where enterprises and individuals can access a broad range of services. Worbli leverages EOSIO software and is capable of hosting a variety of decentralised applications (dApps). The protocol focuses on widespread user adoption and providing a secure, reliable and compliant ecosystem for financial innovation.

As blockchain continues to mature, we regularly ask ourselves why this technology has not been adopted far beyond its current reach. The technology is complicated, typically not user-friendly and for the end user, it’s possible to lose funds and account access with no way of recovery. There are too many buzzwords and confusing technology, it has a high barrier to entry, The bridge between Blockchain and current technology and businesses isn’t there yet. This is WORBLI’s mission. We are working towards making this happen connecting the world to Blockchain technology.
-Domenic Thomas

Worbli’s Vision

WORBLI’s network infrastructure — including computing power, data storage, and bandwidth — can be accessed with the WORBLI Token. Developers can launch new applications knowing anyone in the WORBLI community can use them. WORBLI will create the protocols that make all this possible, leaving developers free to focus on building their project.

Worbli Airdrop Details

40% of WBI token (total 1 Billion) supply is allocated to EOS holders, to claim you just need register with an email address on Worbli Website and follow the instructions or you may enter EOS public key on Worbli’s portal to access Worbli account and tokens. WBI will be airdropped based on the snapshot taken on 7th September.

Token Airdrop will be taking place after Worbli network launch on the 14th September. Every EOS Token holders will receive 1:1 Basis. (100 EOS = 100 WBI)

Worbli will be covering the account creation cost/ wallet cost linked to Worbli Network.

Application committed to launch on WORBLI

Gamma Bank

A fiat and digital currency bank providing checking accounts, debit cards, trading, + more. Designed to eliminate the barriers to entry for the average user, Gamma Bank will facilitate the safe storage, trade and exchange of digital assets and fiat currencies.


A peer-to-peer decentralized insurance market built to meet the growing needs of the blockchain community.

EOS Germany's involvement

EOS Germany is an EOS Blockproducer candidate uses bare metal servers /hybrid technology. We are a group of IT and Financial business proffesional who believe that EOS technology is true game changer.

Our Guiding Principles as a Block Producer on Worbli:

  1. Bare Metal Servers: We believe decentralisation starts at the Hardware Layer, eliminating another potential 3rd party by committing Bare Metal to the block-chain
  2. Fully Independent: We are EOS investors first, dedicated to EOS success, we are self funded with no outside investors, need for a ‘token’ and not invested in DAPP’s, we exist to only produce EOS blocks.
  3. Multiple Datacenters with varied producers : We did not stop at Bare Metal, we believe true Decentralization requires deployment of Servers at various locations.
  4. Actively participate on the Gamma Bank project and leverage our extensive financial industry knowledge.


EOS Germany

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