EOSeoul’s History node official announcement

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Hello, This is EOSeoul, an EOS block producer candidate based in Korea.
As EOSeoul has provided public history node after launching the mainnet, we have helped many dApp services to look up their transactions using our API nodes in real time.

On December 9, EOSeoul ,who was the standby of top 62, has processed total 73GB per day, approximately 6 million of requests per day.

Recently, EOSeoul has much difficulty in operating history node.
There are many BPs who have been trouble with offering history API and EOS Asia recently mentioned about shutdown of their history API due to cost concerns.

Unfortunately, EOSeoul’s History node endpoint also will no longer provide from the morning of Dec 14 due to following difficulties.

As a operator of history node, we have experienced many challenges :

  • The original history plugin was deprecated in the EOSIO.V.1.2.0.
  • When using history plugin, the size of state db increases exponentially. Therefore, the hardware should be replaced continuously. (used 3TB per 31 million blocks)
  • It takes at least a week to re-play due to EOSIO version update.
  • Block synchronization is sometimes delayed, so the unmatched data is caused by delay of block sync.
  • The issue of cost
    • history node server costs more than $ 5,000 per month
    • labor costs

It’s time for a new solution.

Among the TOP21 block producers, only 4 block producers have provided their history API : atticlab, eossweden, TeamGreymass, and eosDAC. We hope that more block producers in a paid position will show a lot of interest in history API and to get a history node up for EOS ecosystem.

EOSeoul is researching into possibility of a cost-effective alternative to provide history node.

I would like to thank those of you who have used our history API node.

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