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Now that voting is underway, things can change drastically in just a single day.
We went through the options and here we provide a primer on all the best monitoring tools. is the CryptoLions' project that really gives the full picture of what the network is currently doing. It shows ranking, EOS staked, and live blocks created, as well as errors or missing files. In our opinion, this one seems the most reliable. a brand new tool by EOS Vibes that labels BP's and standby's cleanly. provides an important service by indicating how many voters each BP received.
Eos Titan has provided a beautiful chart that shows how the votes for the top 40 stack up. It allows viewers to see which companies have benefitted from whales, and how many. is another generalized view, which shows amount staked, percentage staked, ranking. shows how many EOS Block Producers and backup block producers earn. It's also a handy way to check which block producers are earning 0 (so that you can contribute your vote to help get them paid). is a voting tool by Liquid EOS. If you scroll down, you can see the ranking, but it is consistently about 1 million more than other monitors. by EOS Asia appears to show amounts shifting in real time, reducing these giant numbers by a single coin over time. shows a series of global snapshots of the top 21 block producers. It's really small and blurry - we hope they improve the visibility. EOSreal made this voting tool and monitor which includes Chinese, English and Korean language options. The greymass eos-voter application provides monitoring of the network away from a web browser in a stand-alone app. It's also a wallet and our recommended way to vote.
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