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EOS Wire Compliance Survey
Announcing EOS Wire

EOS Wire is a new education site run by CJ Anders, Fuzzy from EOS Talk, and the inimitable Katie Roman. The basic premise of this site is to provide education and resources for those who are new to EOS and new to crypto in general. There’s a lot to learn in the EOS world, concepts such as governance and even block producers are fairly new ideas.

We’re glad to have a new resource and education site, and we suggest you check it out here:

It also looks like they’re looking for writers so consider pitching them a story idea.

One of the first things EOS Wire decided to take on was creating a block producer compliance survey. It consists of four items derived from the BP Registration and Agreement. Here they are:

Website with required disclosures. (1 point)
Has a “Code of Conduct” per the Block Producer Registration (1 point)
Ownership disclosures as required. (1 point )
Has a BP.json file. (1 point)
If you head over to the EOS network monitor, you’ll notice some of the BPs have grey bars across their background.

Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 1.25.24 PM.png
This means that they haven’t submitted their BP.json file. This file is just a simple informational file and submitting it reinforces the broader transparency of the EOS.IO block producer network. So thank you, EOS Wire, for taking the initiative and asking everyone to submit this file.

Here’s a link to the BP Compliance survey:

EOS Dublin has an A+ but the chart hasn’t been updated yet. We wanted to highlight all of our compliance information in detail, so we added a new section to our website. Look for the compliance tab in the upper right.

You’ll find in-depth papers on our disclosures, ownership, financial principles, BP Info and our BP Registration Agreement. Check it out!

New resources on EOS Dublin on compliance:

If you have any questions on voting, governance or anything at all, join our telegram and ask us directly! We have admins around the globe and we are usually able to answer your questions right away.

Join us on Telegram:

Thanks for voting EOSDUBLINWOW

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