How to Vote for Backup Block Producers

in #eos6 years ago (edited)

The blueprint for the EOSIO network calls for paid Backup Blockproducers, but BPs are not getting the votes they need to become paid Backups. It's not a problem of participation, it's a problem of proportion. Even if 100% of token holders vote, they might not realize they are voting for top 21 as well as the backups.

The solution is really simple! If you voted only for your favorites, hoping to secure a top 21 position for them, simply go back and use the rest of your votes. You can use your votes to ensure that EOSIO has the Backup BPs to secure the network. Look for .5%. If a BP has less than that number and is within the top 100, they are doing the work of a backup BP and not getting paid for it. It's expensive to run a server and this is a critical time.

Please take the time to reassess your vote and see if you can secure some Backup BPs by helping push them beyond .5%. The Greymass tool makes it really easy to change your vote.

Here's the voter tool:

Here's detailed instructions on how to do it:

Any questions on the Greymass tool or how to vote? Join our telegram and we'll help you out.

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