Five Great Reasons to Vote for EOS Dublin

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Hey guys, I have been big fan of Kyle from the Awakenment on YouTube for some time now. I was pumped when I learned he had teamed up with EOS Dublin to rally for block producer candidacy but last night left me baffled.

Thomas Cox and a few others asked multiple times why candidates voted for No Go and responses were weak. I am not upset that you choose to hold off, I fully support not releasing a product until it is ready and fully tested/vetted for flaws. I did not and have not heard a valid response from EOS Dublin as to why you choose to delay?

  1. Version 1.0.2 is a soft update and can be impmented without adverse effects, so that is not a factor.
  2. The remaining “untested” and outstanding issue was negated by @dan as a non show stopper too.

Can you help me understand your reasons?

If you followed the call, well done, it was pretty wild!

We actually voted GO the first time in Zoom and then NO GO in telegram (to a question I wrote so it was very clear)

There was two factors in us changing our minds. I had asked Dan would 1.0.2 be ready in 24 hours and he confirmed it would. We believe it is better for all BPs to launch this on the same version rather than try co-ordinate an upgrade/patch after launch , probably with BP teams which aren't involved in the process.

The second was that there was a comment between the votes about ABP readiness. As I type this , we are 2 hours after when Launch would have been scheduled and an ABP still hasn't been appointed, let alone got him self ready. So the feeling that I had that we may have been rushing, looks correct.

So I am happy with our position. And to add there was lot of teams we have great respect for Voting Go and No Go in both. So like most things, I don't believe there was a right answer in that one.

Fun call, hope I don't have to do another one like that again.

The 01:00 UTC Saturday will have only one agenda item , and will be live streamed on trusted channels.

Thank you for responding, I am collecting responses from various BP candidates so I can report back to the those in the community I know and stop the bombardment of opinions and false information flowing.

Do you have a list of the trusted channels for the live stream so I can share with my group?

I want to be transparent with you, what transitioned last night was disappointing but it has not changed my mind to back EOS-Dublin as a candidate.

Thanks, I'll be posting them on our EOS Dublin telegram when I have them. come find us there.

I like what I see so far, and Parachute seems like an interesting application. I will definitely be taking a deeper look at your team's information!

thank you!

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