Statement on Inclusion of specific exchange wallets in the eosDAC token transition to the EOS Chain

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Following an extensive set of communications with exchanges who supported the eosDAC airdrop it was identified that some of the wallets from specific exchanges were burned prematurely and were incorrectly marked as being from exchanges that did not support the airdrop.

These valid wallets are:

0xb7715cb185990a1d7fede7bb5a3c369296018279 -> 496196.0854 tokens
0x05ee546c1a62f90d7acbffd6d846c9c54c7cf94c -> 17013785.57 tokens
0xf3e36ad56aa85abdacc18c02d19509ae4f7d5899 -> 185038.7062 tokens
0x8193c2b585f3de9f0b54179351d3e31ad18377e8 -> 719731.1 tokens
0x6cc5f688a315f3dc28a7781717a9a798a59fda7b -> 14537811.91 tokens

These were all present in the original snapshot as can be seen here

To ensure token holders receive the tokens which had been promised by these exchanges. These wallets will be credited in the transfer to the main chain.

There was also one account in the snapshot which, upon analysis of a claim, belonged to an individual and was incorrectly identified as an exchange and will be honoured. This wallet can also be found in the distribution file and is

0x661eedd93da06499d3220aa2adf05d6d2417e60c -> 30679.45 tokens

The eosDAC launch team is thankful to the exchanges for still agreeing to honour these airdropped tokens and we look forward to a smooth transition of the tokens and to working with all the exchanges and token holders in the future.


tx for your effort to appriciate eos token holder

My tokens were on Bitfinex until 20th May, before withdrawing to a wallet for registration. Will I still get my eosDAC tokens?

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