How eosDAC tokens will move to the EOS Chain

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The eosDAC erc20 tokens will be frozen at 23:59 UTC June 1st 2018. PLEASE ENSURE THAT ALL eosDAC TOKENS ARE OFF EXCHANGES THAT DO NOT SUPPORT THE CHANGE TO THE EOS CHAIN. Specific exchanges such as IDEX and ForkDelta only deal with ERC20 tokens so tokens should not be left on these exchanges as they will not be able to be moved off after the Freeze. A list of exchanges supporting the change will be held on the eosDAC website.


The eosDAC tokens will then await the Launch of the EOS Chain.

This is how the eosDAC team expect the EOS Chain to be launched.

The EOS erc20 tokens will be frozen just after 22:00 UTC June 2nd. Immediately following this various people will use tools to take a snapshot of the distribution which will be used as the base token for the chain.

On 3rd June, once the snapshot is verified by a sufficient number of people, different groups will launch a chain. There will probably be one main chain that honours the EOS ERC20 distribution that gets support from the vast majority of stakeholder.


Once launched, the EOS Tokens on the chain will be pre-staked meaning they will be ready for voting and locked.

Between 3rd and 5th of June, it is expected that the required 15% of tokens will have voted to start the chain. The chain will then begin fully functioning and elections for block producers can start and tokens can be unstaked.

Once the eosDAC launch team has verified the stability and resilience of the chain, eosDAC will deploy its token/member contract ( Following this there will be an EOS based airdrop to the EOS accounts which have associated eosDAC.

How can you ensure you get your eosDAC on the EOS chain

Best Approach - Keep your eosDAC erc20 tokens on an Ethereum account that has been registered through the EOS Crowdsale contract and for which you have EOS public and private keys. Ideally also have some EOS in that account.

Next Best Approach - Keep your eosDAC erc20 tokens on an unregistered Ethereum account and transfer it afterwards - It may take some time to get a smooth process in place so will require patience. The eosDAC launch team advises everyone to register.

Some Risk - Hold eosDAC on an exchange which has stated that it will support the change to the EOS Chain. You must have faith in the exchange you use.

Definite loss - Hold eosDAC on an exchange which does not support the move to the EOS Chain.

The eosDAC launch team will provide regular updates during the process and we expect to be operational on the EOS Chain early in June.


For more information on eosDAC, please visit our website which includes our brand new one minute animated explainer.


Just in time, I was asking myself this yesterdayevening!


Mine is currently on exodus wallet. Am I going to make it?

If you registered the address Exodus is using, you should be fine. I've been told there's a process within Exodus to export the private key it generates for you when it creates the EOS address which is where your eosDAC tokens will be sent. As long as you control the private key, you own the cryptocurrency. In the future, you should be able to import that key to any wallet which supports the eosDAC token on EOSIO.

Mine seems to be registered but I don’t have the private key. Is this exodus feature working now?

You should double check this I think!
Does Exodus explain where you can find your registered private key?

You can check on Exodus for help for the exact way to do it but your private and public keys are there you just need to turn on developer mode to access it. I also wouldn't rush to use the key when the main net launches just to be sure that any hiccups are out of the system first.

That’s what I figured

Please ask in our Telegram Channel on

Great Post Rob, If anyone wants more in-depth information on how to register their EOS And eosDAC tokens - here is a video made by eosDAC to guide you

Great info, I’m holding mine in my exodus wallet, I hope they end up honoring the airdrop.

Im scared. I hope i did everything correct. :p

Check on or you can put your address in and check it to be double and triple sure.

is the imtoken wallet safe for my eosDAC

What does is take for block reward to be activated? I think it's 15% of votes during a certain amount of blocks. What are the exact numbers?

Thanks for the info!

When will eosDAC be moved to the EOS blockchain?

i am asking the same question. I noticed some eosdac activity on, but i did not know if any eosdac token has been credited to my eos address, and I dont know how to check that. Does anyone know how to check airdropped token balance on eos blockchain wallet?

You can check balances here (using account name or public key):

Hello. I have not registered EOSDAC or I will lose it? Please answer. Thank you.

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