eosDAC Opens Member Registration

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eosDAC is pleased to announce that it has fully opened its member registration function following trial release in late August 2018.

EOSDAC tokenholders are invited to log on to https://members.eosdac.io to register as Members of the DAC. Owning tokens alone does not confer the right to vote or to receive benefits of DAC membership; token holders must register as Members in order to participate in those and other aspects of the DAC.

See of a walk-through video of member registration here

eosDAC developers are currently testing the custodian contract which will facilitate the future governance of the DAC. Once tests are complete, voting for Custodians will start and a minimum threshold of 15% of tokens will need to vote to initiate the new process.

The top 12 members by vote weight will then be elected as Custodians and they will serve one week terms making decisions on worker proposals and other key issues affecting the DAC. Voting is continuous and each week the top 12 candidates will be confirmed as Custodians. You can read more about how this process will occur in our Constitution

Critical block production is unaffected by these processes which are occuring in parallel. All servers and block production activities are being monitored and maintained on a 24/7 basis. eosDAC is a proud to be an active block producer on the EOS Mainnet.

eosDAC is an evolving decentralised autonomous community with a mission to enable future DACs.

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Please vote for eosdacserver

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Awesome, proud to be a registered member!

Is using Scatter mandatory for it?

i have a member of team DAC