EOS Cannon Vote on Referendum -- genesis account reset

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We, EOS Cannon, manage a wechat group 'Chinese Community - Find lost private keys' with over 200 members. We have seen so many cases with private key issues. Most private key issues are due to faulty software not properly popping up mapped private keys, multiple mappings, or even not writing down private keys. Overseas phishing site is another common cause for wrong priavte key. Though typically token holders themselves are mostly liable to private key issues, there are some undeniable external circumatances and causes.


An unmmapped EOS account can justify rightful owner by providing corresponding Ethereum private key signature; same applies to a genesis EOS account with faulty private key.


We listed four options for EOS Cannon Hardcore community members to vote:

  1. Only support BPs to reset a genesis account private key when evidence is substantially overwhelming.
  2. Support BPs to reset any EOS account private key when evidence is substantially overwhelming.
  3. Do not support BPs to reset any EOS account private key.
  4. Neutral on the stannce, leave the decision to BPs

投票结果显示,多数人支持 在证据充足的情况下,仅支持BP重置创始账号。

Our voting result shows that majority support option #1- only suport genesis EOS account private key reset by BPs when evidence is substantially overwhelming.


Therefore, we support BPs multisig reset of genesis EOS account(s) private key(s) involved in recent ECAF rulings, when underlying evidence is substantially overwhelming.


If there is alternative on-chain solution to help those holders, we also welcome.


EOS Cannon reminds every token hodler again - please keep your private key safe. It is your only ownership proof in blockchain world.


Thank you so much for sharing this amazing post with us!

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