EOS Cannon's response to the staking rewards proposal

in #eos3 years ago

The key for staking pool is APY
From the feedback from our community, most token holders treat the staking pool as a defi project. The most important factor affecting people’s participation is APY.

The staking pool may have chance to change the rank of most BPs
We got enough data about the vote of each entity. It’s not hard to know that the staking pool won’t change the rank of most BPs unless it reaches 200 millions. If staking pools can get 100 millions, with b1’s token, it has a chance to change the rank of most BPs.

It’s a good start to improve the stability of the main net
It's good to see the reward of block producers related to their performance in code. Actually, it can split from the staking pool. As far as we know, many standby BPs don’t have enough infrastructures. If standby BP has a chance to produce blocks, if missing blocks will reduce the reward of vote pay, this will force many BPs to enhance their infrastructures to prepare for producing blocks. And it will be an easy proposal to be approved by top BPs.

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