Cannon Hard-core : Vote for My Favorite BP

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Cannon Hard-core : Vote for My Favorite BP

As a BP that is known for its strength in the community, Stimulated the power of token holders from EOS Cannon community is a direction we have been working on. Therefore, we called for volunteers from community to organize “Cannon hard-core” and launched a voting named “vote for my favorite BPs” !


According to the recommendation of Cannon hardcore members, we select 10 BPs from different regions to vote in each promulgation. The top two will get the proxy voting from cannonproxy1. (the unselected BPs also have opportunity to be nominated in the follow-up voting).

The ten BPs nominated for the first phase are:


After 24 hour voting, the final winners are:

Eosflare & EOSYS


We hope to support BPs that contribute to EOS by mobilizing the voting enthusiasm of community tokenholders, especially those that have made a lot of efforts but are not ideal in the ranking of BPs. Let the community see more excellent BPs and let BPs hear more voices from community!


EOS Cannon





Thank you so much, we are honored to be recognised by the expert members of the Asian EOS community. We hope our developer tools will bring very tangible results for EOS, manifested in lowering of the costs of Dapp development.
PS. If possible, please add a missing letter "k" to "Tokenika" ;)

Look forward to your tools

Thank you so much for doing this guys, great job!

Thank you,We will work harder

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