EOS Voting: How to Vote in Less than 90 Seconds

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Hello EOS Community,

With all the initial launch celebrations out of the way, we are back to waiting for another milestone, the evasive 15%!

Your friendly neighbourhood block producer candidate EOS Cafe Calgary is back again with a video showing you how to vote in less than 90 seconds using the EOS Voter Tool by TeamGreymass:

Don't forget to vote for eoscafeblock!


Remember, the software can't help you if you already have malware on your computer.

Join Us

EOS Cafe Calgary is a Block Producer Candidate for the EOS.IO Blockchain that is a joint venture between the EOS Cafe DAC and EOS Calgary. Join us at:

Naver Cafe
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Hi eoscafe,
Does the EOS voter tool produced by the Team Greymass was audited by a third party? Is an audit ongoing? Is this tool totally safe?
I thank you for your answers, have a nice day,

answered on telegram https://t.me/eoswalletgreymass

I think a little trust is needed at this stage. A real community launch requires so.

Get ready for a statement coming out shortly

That was simple

I used it for voting and it is working. The UI is really nice and easy to use. I was a bit worried about trusting at the beginng, since there is not an official statement saying this wallet is 100% safe. However, I just took the risk considering it have been recomended by several BP that claim they know the team behind greymass.
Only thing I can say is that it worked for me and the vote was casted immediately and I even check the tx at eospark.com

Great tool ! EOS cafe is the best !

Did I miss the part where u entered ur private key?

It happened very quickly, I changed my active key later just in case