EOS Fallback Registration: How to get EOS Keys if You Did Not Register

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Forgot to register your EOS?

Is registration too complicated?

Ethereum network too clogged?

Your friendly neighbourhood block producer candidate EOS Cafe Calgary is back again with another tool to make your lives easier!

Introducing EOSKEY.IO, a tool to convert your Ethereum private keys to EOS private keys, which can be run FULLY OFFLINE to create EOS Mainnet Keys with NO REGISTRATION NEEDED.


The tool is available for MacOS, Windows and Linux.

For our global supporters, we have made the app available in English, Spanish, Mandarin and Korean!


To use the tool, all you have to do is:

  1. Head on over to EOSKEY.IO.
  2. Download offline version for your platform and turn off your internet.
  3. Run the .app/.exe/unix executable to generate your mainnet EOS keys!

It is that simple :)


Remember, our software can't help you if you already have malware on your computer.

For further security, try using on an isolated computer with. If you want complete security, set up a new air-gapped computer (e.g. Airgap Tutorial).

Join Us

EOS Cafe Calgary is a Block Producer Candidate for the EOS.IO Blockchain that is a partnership between EOS Cafe DAC and EOS Calgary. Join us at:

Naver Cafe



Thank you to Devin from KOREOS, Franco from EOS CANNON, dcardozo25 and Sandwich for their help in making this tool a reality.

If you have any suggestions or feedback, message me on Telegram at @syed_jafri or email at [email protected].


Great job guys!

It was all Syed. This young man is brilliant.

Block.one should have created this kind of tool in the first place so no need an effort to register, simply make life easier :)

I fully upvoted this and shared facebook. This is very clever tool.

Should we wait for mainnet to be launched before using this or proceed before? Many thanks this is a great tool!


Iv'e generated my keys on scatter, but it still doesn't show i'm registered on eosauthority, when I paste my ethereum public key into the search bar.

Then when I do it again it gives me a new public and private key everytime. Can someone please explain what process I must do to be registered?
Thank you.

OK, lets test it

Hi sir, does EOS Fallback Registration work on nano ledger?
I have registered my EOS token in matamask wallet. Then a week later I moved them to my nano ledger wallet. i thought it would be fine. last time i checked was last night saying i have not registered because i transferred to a nano ledger. thanks

Hi I have the same question. I have my EOS on a ledger nano via MEW and I cannot view my wallets private key. Any suggestions?

i also met this problem :(

The antivirus tells me that it is a Trojan

Nice work guys!

Will this work even if you don't have outbound transactions on your ethereum wallet?

sir I have a trezor does it works than too?

For those of you wondering, this was really easy, followed instructions then went to http://eosflare.io/account/gq2deojwg4ge and saw that my tokens are associated with my address. I did my best to be secure, but I think I may generate a new Eth address

I know it's been a long time folks.. However I have a few hundred original eos still needing to convert. I have android and a chromebook. (how) Can I do this?

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