EOSBet Community Update - March 29, 2019

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EOSBet Community Update

March 29, 2019

Hello EOSBet Community,

We hope everyone has had a great past couple of weeks. This period has been one of our strongest yet in terms of volume and new players. We have consistently returned the most dividends out of all EOS platforms, and are working hard to only improve from here. Below are a few updates:

Development Updates

The development team is currently working on several releases right now. The first is our next offering, Hilo, a unique over/under card game. Progress on Hilo is going well, although we are prioritizing other launches first.

The team is also working on our next altcoin to accept. This will most likely be Litecoin, as LTC has a very strong following and broad acceptance. Further, LTC is a very beginner-friendly coin with low fees and fast transaction times—perfect for those dipping their feet into cryptocurrency betting for the first time.

Design work has been finished for our daily leaderboard. The next step is determining how this leaderboard will fit in with our forthcoming BET distribution schedule.

The major development focus over the past week has been a new in-game feature. We don’t want to say too much about this feature right now, but the team is very excited about it and we believe it’ll bring additional attention and exposure to the platform.

Lastly, the site has undergone numerous optimisations and bug fixes over the past two weeks. Thank you to our fantastic development team for continuing to push EOSBet to new heights.

Other Updates

All participants of our bounty campaign have been paid. Thank you to the over 500 individuals who wrote content, created videos, or promoted EOSBet in other ways. In total, we had over 250 unique articles and videos created by our community.

We would like to thank EOSBet Frej, who flew to London on March 26th to attend the SVK Crypto event, WHEN EOS RULES THE WORLD!

The event was a smashing success, filled with a great deal of excitement for what dapps have accomplished so far and what the future holds for EOS.

We met with a lot of interesting individuals and forged some important connections with people with whom we share the same goal: seeing EOS become the underlying technological architecture of the future.

Frej was invited to the SVK Crypto headquarters to discuss how blockchain technology has enabled a new class of decentralized gaming applications. Check it out here!

We would like to thank the SVK Crypto team for organizing this event and inviting builders to come out and show their progress.

We are planning to attend more events in the future to grow our global community and show that we’re around to stay. We look forward to B1s June announcement and will be doing some marketing of our own to showcase our near exciting features coming in the near future.

Thanks for tuning in.

Team EOSBet

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Disclaimer: EOSBet.io is owned and operated by Aurora Tech N.V., a company registered and established under the laws of Curaçao, registration number 148186, and registered address at Ambraham de Veerstraat 7 Willemstad, Curaçao. Gambling License: GLH-OCCHKTW0711072018. No U.S. or Chinese players. All players must follow the laws in their jurisdiction. Must be 18 years or older to play. BET tokens have no rights, uses, or attributes.

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