Community Update - July 27, 2019

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EOSBet Community Update
July 27, 2019

Dear EOSBet Community,

We hope everyone is doing well and in good health. Throughout July, we have paid out the most dividends of any platform on EOS!

This month may have seemed light on launches, but we have been working hard behind the scenes and have a number of exciting things in the pipeline. It would not be an understatement to say that these next 3-6 months may be some of the most lively and fruitful for the platform and our community :)

Here’s a taste of what’s in store:

Binance DEX

At the end of June we submitted our proposal to list on Binance DEX. We have received good support from the community and many positive comments on the proposal. We are now awaiting the validators decision on the listing. Validators have until July 31st to accept/reject the listing, and generally wait until the last day to make this decision.

We are hoping for good news. We have completed the BET-EOS to BET-BEP2 conversion bridge and are working on a website page where users can easily swap between the two.

The team will be running a buyback program solely on Binance DEX. We will release more details once we hear back from Binance. We will continue to evaluate other exchange listing options in addition to Binance DEX, particularly those which may be more popular in different regions.

New games

We are putting the finishing touches on Hilo. This game will feature more animations and flash than previous games, and we’re excited to release it!

We have also designed a new game that we think will be a great addition to the platform (personally, it’s one of my favourite casino games).

New Landing Page and Player Tutorial

Alpha testing has been completed on our walk-through, a key part of our marketing funnel. The launch of this page should increase conversions and give us the green light to increase marketing spend. Although this new landing page/tutorial is a big step up from our current landing page, this element of the marketing funnel will be an iterative process that we continually tweak and improve as time goes on.

Additional Coin Acceptance

We have completed several more tokens that players can use to bet with. Following the launch of our new landing page and tutorial, we will rollout a marketing campaign aimed at attracting users from these various communities. This will be a central component of our revamped marketing strategy.


Speaking of marketing strategy, our marketing team has lined up significant press coverage to increase our exposure following listing. We are also laying the groundwork for a new affiliate marketing strategy.

Lot’s to be excited about! As always we’d like to thank our wonderful community for your ongoing support.

Team EOSBet

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