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EOSBet Community,

BNB/BET trading is live now on Binance DEX! You can visit our exchange page here:

Change to Buyback Program

We also have an important announcement regarding an improvement to our BET buyback program.

After some suggestions from the community, we’ve decided that rather than burn BET tokens immediately after purchasing, it would be more beneficial to keep those tokens in a separate holding account and use the dividend proceeds to buyback even more tokens.

Not only is this model easier from a technical standpoint, but it also creates an infinite, permanent buyback, which should have a stronger effect upon token price than a burn mechanism.

Tokens that are bought back from the DEX will be held in the eosbetlocked account. Dividend proceeds will be sent to eosbetbinanc where they will be used to buy more BET off the market, which is then sent back to eosbetlocked.

Dividends from tokens held on Binance DEX will also be used for the buyback as well.


Happy Trading!

Team EOSBet


Cool, thanks for finally listing your token :)

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