EOS Authority: Roadmap & position on dividends

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EOS Authority - Block Producer Roadmap

Infrastructure roadmap

Phase 1 - The initial infrastructure will be deployed on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform in the London region. The company itself is an Amazon Partner, our team comprises of AWS certified solution architects who will be responsible for initial architecture and ongoing maintenance. The primary goal is to have close to 100% uptime with maximum security.   EOS Authority is the only current BP candidate in the UK region to be using AWS cloud. This will give us sufficient decentralisation along with the features that AWS provides. It is very hard to say how the network will evolve and will be utilised. This makes it impractical to order custom hardware and get tied in while EOS itself changes.  

Phase 1: EOS Authority Amazon cloud block producer architecture  

Phase 1 comprises of multiple EC2 instances optimised for memory. X1 instance class goes all the way upto 1952 GB RAM and will work well on the initial launch. So 128 vCPU with 1952 GB RAM and 2 x 1920 SSD looks as an ideal setup for our initial phase. EOS v1 will be single threaded so this server should perform optimally during phase 1. We have also used this server successfully with several testnets. The same server will also be used as a standby ready to take over automatically if a failure is detected on the primary node.

Phase 2: In a few months after launch will likely see us move to custom physical hardware in different data centres. Phase 1 gives us sufficient time to access real world usage to confidently place orders for the right hardware. EOS Authority is dedicated to continually invest to ensure we have reliable & secure infrastructure to meet the growing demands on the EOS network.

Community projects

EOS Authority has already created and deployed a few successful community projects

1: EOS balance & registration checking tool
2: Private key testing tool  
3:  Space invaders on the EOS blockchain (Proof of concept was played by several thousand users on day one of launch)

We will continue to roll out additional projects even if we are not a block producer.


EOS Authority is self funded and will continue to remain self funded and operate under a limited company in the UK.

Stance on Giving Dividends to Voters

EOS Authority believes that giving dividends to voters will significantly harm EOS. We promise to never give dividends to voters.

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