Our BP Candidates

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EOS Argentina believes in the importance of having a strong decentralized EOS Network, for that to happen we need the community to cast their votes and participate in this great example of DPOS Democracy.

In this sense, we want to give our recommendation of capable and trustworthy BP Candidates. We also made special mentions to some of the guys that we believe really deserve it.

The following list is separated in regions to outline the importance of geographical decentralization.


  • EOS Cafe
  • EOS42


  • CryptoLions: Bohdan and Roman have done a great job running and maintaining the Jungle Testnet, they have proven to be a reliable BP Candidate.
  • EOS Authority
  • Tokenika: Amongst other things, Tokenika has developed the most secure voting tool available for eos, feel free to check it out at their github page - https://github.com/tokenika/secure-bp-voting
  • Bitspace: They have been in the Graphene space since Bitshares, they have a deep understanding of the technology and vast experience in community building.
  • EOS Dublin: This BP Candidate took the time to organize the community during the testing and validation process, they have a knowledgeable team with amazing skills and have gain our highest respect.

South America

  • EOS Rio

North America

  • EOS New York
  • EOS Canadá
  • Blockgenic
  • EOS Socal
  • EOS Nation


  • EOS Cannon
  • EOS Asia
  • EOS LaoMao
  • MeetOne
  • EOS Gravity
  • EOSeco
  • Hello EOS
  • OracleChain
  • EOS Pacific


  • EOS Nairobi


  • GenerEOS Sidney
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Awesome. Thanks for sharing.

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Because EOS Argentina shares our values of Integrity, Professionalism, Transparency and are accountable, because geographical and jurisdictional dispersion are fundamental for the good health of the EOS ecosystem, we can only support there team and do encourage EOS holders to vote for them!
Hasta la victoria siempre!
Thierry, EOS Nation Ambassador in Geneva

A nice song by the french hip hop singer, Keny Arkana
"Victoria" 2013