Firestarter Boot & Validation Tool

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EOS Argentina has developed a tool destined to help the community and other Block Producers boot and validate the soon to be born EOS Blockchain. Firestarter is very simple to use and has already been tested in testnet.

This tool can be used to boot, take a snapshot and validate the blockchain, these can be done together or separately. If you already have your boot in place, then you can use the validation tool to verify and validate:

  • The genesis.json.
  • The global Parameters.
  • Global Parameter - Max RAM Size
  • The System Accounts.
  • The System Contracts.
  • The erc20 Snapshot/account creation.
  • Accounts Stakes.
  • Account Permissions.
  • Validate that there are no codes in the snapshots accounts.
  • Validate Constitution
  • EOS Token Existence & Consistency

1) Boot Tool

  • Automatically setups and starts a chain.
  • Includes injection of EOS ERC20 Tokens.
  • Consider that this script recreates your wallet and starts a nodeos with custom parameters, please customize configuration files as needed.


  • Before build add snapshot plugin
cd /eos
git merge origin/snapshot-plugin
  • Merge first

  • Remember change CORE_SYMBOL_NAME="EOS" to be EOS (vi ./

  • If boot get stuck in Creating Account 1000/980000 ...... check ACCOUNTS_PER_TX var

cd boot

2) Chain State Snapshot & Validation Tool

  • pick a block (370 in our case)
cleos get block 370
  • take the block id 0000017239cb40966c033ebf0d9f48b1400ed620342ab134afa57b70bf0d9d77
cd validator
./ 0000017239cb40966c033ebf0d9f48b1400ed620342ab134afa57b70bf0d9d77

Take snapshot from a remote node

  • obtain the genesis.json used in the chain
  • pick a block where you want to validate the chain at (ej:4000)
cleos --url= get block 4000
  • take the block id 0000017239cb40966c033ebf0d9f48b1400ed620342ab134afa57b70bf0d9d77 GENESIS=/path/to/genesis ./ 0000017239cb40966c033ebf0d9f48b1400ed620342ab134afa57b70bf0d9d77

Alt Text

Link to Github Firestarter Tool:

EOS Argentina will be validating the main chain and reporting on the results. We also encourage the community to do the same, using the best tools available to get the job done.

Let's connect, and get to know each other!
Email: [email protected]


Great work guys! Cheers to you all and GO EOS!

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@eosargentina (53)
Firestarter Boot will be supportive for us


Thanks for the post. Well written :)

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