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Our Code of Conduct provides the beacons to navigate by. We’ll keep course. At stormy seas and on calm waters.


EOS is a means and not an end. We believe EOS is instrumental in providing a trustworthy blockchain foundation and applications that run on it. We believe EOS will give the world a robust, transparent and scalable blockchain foundation.

EOS should be there for the world and its people. EOS is about creating possibilities. About providing security, truth and proof. About scalable trust. Trust that will be available to every living soul on this planet. Trust available to all. On such trust all can create their own structures and organize themselves. Trust builds freedom.

Our role

BP’s constitute the backbone of EOS. EOS Amsterdam is part of such a backbone. We will perform our tasks, technical fulfilment, governance and promotion, independently and with an open mind. We will abide by strict neutrality. We will play by the rules and fully honour the EOS Constitution. We will cast our votes for what is best for the community and for the people of this world.

We believe in EOS and therefore want to promote the use of EOS and the development of dApps. In a different entity we will set up a lab and a dApp fund. We will share knowledge and funds with our lab and fund. We will not discriminate against dApps of others.
Our knowhow created as a BP will be equally available to our lab and fund as to any good faith third party.

We believe in self preservation also. We cannot fulfil our role without sufficient means. We cannot maintain our independence if we do not acquire the means to support it. However, we shall not pocket profits and we shall always acknowledge that our means stem from the community. We exist to strengthen our EOS community..

Human rights

We believe EOS is there to help people to live their dreams. To be acknowledged as human beings who are entitled to property, to pursue happiness and privacy, regardless of race, age, sexual preferences, believes and income.


We secure our operational independence.

We do not allow any party that holds, directly or indirectly, an interest in another BP obtain voting power in our organization.

We may surpass this rule if we believe such interest or voting power is not significant enough to have any influence on our independence, provided, however, that we shall always publish such interest(s) and allow anyone to challenge our view in this respect through our internal procedures.

We will not collude with other BPs to circumvent the EOS Constitution or otherwise compromise EOS. We believe that being part of the EOS community means sharing and cooperating. We are independent but also member of a team. We will join efforts and share knowledge with other BPs but always in such a way that our independent position shall not be jeopardized. We will run only one node in the BP network.


EOS Amsterdam will ensure the availability of the network infrastructure, both technically and in terms of management. The EOS network must perform at the highest level and must be able to scale up efficiently. We will therefore ensure that there will always be overcapacity and that the architecture is scalable.


EOS Amsterdam is co-founded by Kahuna, a renowned security company. Their Security Operations Center will manage 7*24 uur the Block Producer infrastructure. This operation is ISO 27000 certified and therefore we will be subject to regular independent security audits on our EOS blockchain infrastructure to ensure we operate at the highest level of the applicable security standard and do not compromise EOS blockchains.


We will abide by the laws that translate fundamental rights into practices. We will avoid risks. Should the laws not be apt to blockchain (this could be the case since laws take time to adapt) we will assess the fundamentals of such laws and abide by those principles.

We will inform dApp developers that they should take the GDPR and other applicable laws, if any, into account. We will inform them that, should the scale and/or nature of the dApp require so, conduct a privacy impact assessment and further to apply privacy by design development techniques. We will provide the tools and knowhow to help them. We will cooperate with the other BPs to develop guidelines and criteria in this respect.

How to ensure our principles

EOS Constitution

We will abide by any confirmed EOS arbitration ruling and provide all required assistance, if and when needed, to the proceedings in order to have justice delivered swift, transparent and rightful.


We shall provide details of any person that holds an interest in our company. The current owners are Boy Maas, Kahuna (Rhett Oudkerk Pool en Marcel Knippen) and Jetse Sprey.

Internal procedures

We will install procedures to allow for any third party that is of the opinion that we do not live by this Code of Conduct to file a complaint. We shall diligently process such complaint. The proceedings shall be public.


We will ensure that legal and governance knowhow is and will remain on board. We will work to develop legal audits and privacy compliance toolkits.


Find all the ways to contact us at: EOS Amsterdam Website

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