eosAfrica Technical Plans

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For chain security and stability reasons, eosAfrica has chosen a hybrid approach in securing the eosAfrica node. As we prepared for eos.io launch it has become clear that denial of service attacks and other similar infrastructure attacks cannot be ignored and must, in fact, become an expectation.

Although our producers and full nodes will be on bare metal computers and located in South Africa, we have made the decision that, in the interest of security, we must include Google Cloud load balancer as a layer of protection.


It is important to note that eosAfrica will be a multi-datacenter deployment from the onset. Our bare-metal servers are located in two, tier III data-centers located in South Africa.

Block Producers and Full Node Specifications

At each of our sites,there is 2 of the following :-

Intel Xeon E5-1620 - 3.5Ghz
2TB SATA HDD. Enterprise-class disk
Dual hot-swap power supply
H/Ware RAID 5 (battery backup)

Scaling and roadmap

One of the key features of our raison d'être is that it allows us to scale eos.io across the African continent, in a horizontal manner. eosAfrica will deploy eos.io full nodes across the African continent and this will allow us to service eos.io without the constraints of being in one location.

In terms of our internal production capacity, we will closely follow what the market dictates in terms of required capacity. We think that there will be a health correlation between the capacity demands and the price of the eos token.

Security and Monitoring

Google load balancer.
Network and application load balancing through HAProxy and Patroneos
Producers will not be on the general internet.
Deployment of node monitoring software.
Network performance metrics.
Nodeos event monitoring.

Community Testnets

eosAfrica has been involved in testnets since the very first community testnet, Superheroes with the producer name; wakanda. eosAfrica has also had involvement on the two other major community testnets, namely Jungle and Arrowhead. As proponents of African progress, it does sadden us that we have been the only African node on the testnets.


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