Watch out for the Umbridges of the Blockchain World...

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Dolores Umbridge is way worse than Voldemort. You KNOW Voldemort is a bad guy. He clearly wants to rule the world and crush all muggles under his magical boot heel. Old Pink puffball Umbridge wants everyone to think she has their best interest at heart while she bleeds you to death with her quill of torture and doom.

Integrity & Reputation

One thing leads to another. For a Block Producer operating in the EOS world, who wants to make a positive impact and contribution, reputation means a lot. Voting is a powerful way for people to express their confidence in a Block Producer’s ability to manage and protect the chain. Similarly Harry Potter’s reputation was crucial in that it enabled other magical folk to recognize that Mr. Snakehead Voldemort was back to conquer the world. But then Umbridge (and a few others) came along, called him a liar and his reputation was gone.

Reputation Speculation

What’s a good reputation worth? What’s a bad reputation worth? No Block Producer would want someone to say bad things about them and thus devalue their reputation. On the flip side, no Block producer would want someone else to take credit for something good (or great) that they did. Some people view a good reputation as a commodity to be bought or sold... or even stolen if necessary.

When the mainnet was launching several people with bad intent (Umbridge types) stole the names of Block Producers in order to get elected and collect block rewards on the good reputations built by those block producers. Fortunately they didn’t get far but it WAS far enough to distract some voters AND distract those block producers from focusing on what they needed to during the election process.

Here we go again.

As new chains launch, people will begin looking to those chains as potential homes for their Applications. There will be new legitimate Block Producer teams that form, some existing teams might migrate to those chains and some might even open additional nodes in order to produce blocks on multiple chains. AND some people will dress up in a pink suit coat and skirt, whip out their quills of torture and doom and just try to steal another BP’s name.

EOS sw/eden’s reg producer’s name is eosswedenorg

Back in May, another team took the name EOSSweden. Seeing as that was our old name and super close to the name eos sw/eden, we chatted with them and they said, the last thing they wanted, was confusion. They said it was all a misunderstanding, they had our best interest at heart, apologized profusely while sipping their tea, with smiles and nods and then agreed wholeheartedly to change their name. Five minutes later they changed their mind about the name change and went down to the Trademark office. We had MORE discussions and they finally DID change their name to Sweden Cornet. Their regproducer name on the Mainnet is swedencornet.

Sadly, it didn’t end there. One of the first new chains is launching soon on the EOSio software. They are looking for BPs and Sweden Cornet decided to register for that blockchain. The regproducer name they chose is eosswedenorg. I’d love to give them the benefit of the doubt but it’s pretty clear they have pulled out their quill of torture and doom AND have decided that Eric and eos sw/eden’s reputation is worth having at any means necessary.

Please be wary - The Dolores Umbridges of the blockchain world are looking for opportunities and will gladly jump over to the latest new thing and trade on your good name. Actually they'll steal it and use it there.

For us, I hope we can find a way to break that quill and bring all this nonsense to an end soon.



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