Adventures in China -- 在中国的冒险

in eos •  last year  (edited)

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Vahid our CEO recently spoke at several Gatherings and Meet-ups in China. While he was there, Vahid spent time connecting with some fantastic folks and ended up being interviewed for an online show called Digging Chain.

It's a cool interview, and shows his thoughtful and passionate outlook on the EOS world.

最近,我们的首席执行官 Vahid, 在中国举行了几次会议和活动。 当 Vahid 在那里时,他花时间与一些梦幻般的人联系。 他甚至接受了一个名为挖掘链的在线节目的采访。


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Great interview, Vahid seems to be a humble person

He is. He's solid.