EOS.Hedging will offer the largest airdrop to global EOS users, and EOS currency price will reach to another climbing point by then

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As the world's first trading platform for decentralized digital currency derivatives, EOS.Hedging will be launched after EOS main network going alive. EOS.Hedging is committed to becoming the world's largest digital currency derivatives trading platform. Hedging team are not only the most promising project on EOS but also one of the EOS Block Producer. They hope to make great contribution to the EOS community, therefore the Foundation decided to come up with 1.5 billion HNT tokens for EOS ecological construction and community user incentives. They will officially deliver 1:1 airdrops towards global EOS users on May 17th and have made a bold decision that 60% of the project's future profits will be used for repurchase of tokens (we expect to take out 50 million USD/year for repurchases), to give the most incentives to the community users.This is worth the wait.

Airdrop plan:
Who can get the airdrop: 1:1 airdrops per EOS wallet, no minimum currency limit
Snapshot time: May 15 (requires user to keep EOS token in wallet before snapshot)
Drop time: May 17 - June 17
Repurchase Plan Release Date: July 15
Repurchase program execution Date: August 1
Repurchase program and other important information release: official telegram group (https://t.me/eoshedging)

What is EOS.Hedging?
EOS.Hedging is a financial project on EOS, and the team consists of top talent people in the blockchain field. Founding members have accumulated more than 30 years of entrepreneurship and have extensive project experience and entrepreneurial experience. They will build the world's first trading platform for decentralized digital currency derivatives based on EOS and aim to achieve an 100 billion U.S. dollars annual transaction in five years. And They will use 60% of its profits for token repurchases, giving EOS.Hedging's community users the maximum incentives.
EOS.Hedging is also one of the EOS Block Producer and They are out of all ratings!

The investors
They are joint invested by Didi Capital's angel investor Amoeba Capital and China's largest startup media company CYzone. They are also invested by a number of well-known individual investors in the blockchain field. Kevin, partner of Amoeba Capital and Mary, CEO of CYzone joined the project as their super consultant.

The partners
They have reached strategic cooperation with numerous exchanges and payment (wallet) service providers around the world to support the airdrop program. In the future, They will explore more strategic cooperation to support their community.They will also update their cooperation information in the telegram group on time.
Easyoption, as their first super-strategic partner, has completed user accumulation of attracting 150,000 community users just within 5 days and the number is expected to reach over 1 million people in the coming month. They will cooperate on multiple levels to develop our respective communities together.

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As the world's first trading platform for decentralized digital currency derivatives,

expected some talk about bitshares, the world's first trading platform for derivatives running since 4+ years.

is airdrop for may 15 or june 30 ie when EOS mainnet ?

What wallet are you referring to?

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