EOS Detroit Voting Slate

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As an EOS token holder, you can vote for as many block producers as you’d like, up to 30. It is highly encouraged to use all 30 votes for the safety and security of the EOS network and to achieve truly decentralized blockchain governance. This is a never-ending global election that transpires every 126 seconds.

As the EOS ecosystem develops and matures, EOS Detroit will be monitoring the block producer landscape in real time as new information arises and updating our voting slate accordingly. Candidates which have not made themselves compliant with the BP Agreement by the end of July will be stricken from our slate.

With diversity and wider block reward distribution in mind, we believe these to be the 30 most undervalued block producer candidates that deserve your vote. We reached out to them and asked them to provide their own quotes to be included in our voting slate.

NOTE: Since we cannot yet edit Steemit posts after 7 days, this voting slate may become outdated. EOS Detroit will maintain a live updated voting slate on our website.

(in alphabetical order)

Aloha EOS

Why vote for Aloha EOS (in their own words)
“At Aloha EOS, we are committed to the EOS platform as it enables the development of commercial-scale decentralized applications, which we believe are the future for globally secure contracts. We promote the EOS constitutional tenets of integrity, transparency, and benefit to the community. One of our strengths is that our unique geographic block production location in Hawaii helps to diversify the EOS network as we bridge the North America continent with all points West. Additionally, our diverse systems — managed by a team with a deep technical skillset — have been consistently producing testnet blocks since April. We have been actively working with the block producer community on each test and the subsequent mainnet launch. Finally we continue to provide useful information guides and tools to assist in the discovery, research and voting process for block producer candidates.”

EOS Detroit comments:
Aloha EOS and EOS Detroit have similar visions of designing decentralized applications that can benefit communities on a local level. Aloha EOS made our list for that reason and also because they have shown clear dedication to giving back to victims of poverty and natural disaster. We support this.

If you would like to vote for Aloha EOS, cast your vote for alohaeosprod


Why Vote for Bitspace (in their own words)
“BitSpace’s vision for EOS is to enable developers and entrepreneurs to create mainstream decentralized applications. BitSpace did the first EOS Meetup in Scandinavia, the first EOS Hackathon in the world, and we do the annual CryptoFinance conference where this year we will include the Global EOS BP Summit in November. We have professional experience with DPOS technology through Bitshares & Steemit and we have followed Daniel Larimers work since 2013. The BitSpace server is in Green Mountain, an ex-NATO facility bunker, combined with an advanced metal/cloud security setup. BitSpace is also operating the EOS Academy, doing educational workshops and teaching developers to build dApps on EOS. Combining reviews from other BPs and the community, BitSpace is currently ranked among the top 15 BPs. “

EOS Detroit comments:
Bitspace is headquartered in Oslo, Norway, and has a team of over 20 people. Christian and Manuel Lains have been pioneers in the crypto space since the early days of Bitshares. They have set the pace for building community through organizing events and providing extremely valuable information to the communities which they serve. They are an exceedingly good choice for BP.

If you would like to vote for Bitspace, cast your vote for bitspacenode


Why vote for BLCKCHND (in their own words)
“To get to our vision of EOS community and our team’s strengths it is best to first talk about what and what projects inspire us. Most of our team are members of the open source movement, both for software and hardware, it goes without saying that all cryptocurrency projects are made possible because of open source, so we’d like to concentrate on hardware side, especially since another thing that inspires us is sustainability, and open source really meshes with that. So projects like Arduino, Raspbery Pi, people like ladyada are a big inspiration. Speaking of sustainability we’re big fans of stuff like opensourceecology.org and Groasis Waterboxx. Opensource allows one to really study how something works, and in cryptocurrency space it is also about how community is structured around the project. So aside our engineering forte, we’re also avid learners and participants in the communities, with quite a bit of insight into how they are structured. While a lot of people were busy chasing the big coins, we were translating, informing and popularising. We believe that change is only possible through those things, and that is our main passion, and we hope that by participating in EOS community we can spread our strengths and passions around.”

EOS Detroit comments:
BLCKCHND, headquartered in Saint Petersburg, Russia, is very active in translating EOS material into Russian to spread blockchain education throughout Russia. They should be commended for that! The team at BLCKCHND also has valuable prior experience deploying witness nodes on other Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS) blockchains. Russia is represented here by a very talented group of individuals and we are proud to welcome a qualified block producer candidate like BLCKCHND into the mix.

If you would like to vote for BLCKCHND, cast your vote for blockchained

Block Matrix

Why Vote for Block Matrix (in their own words)
“We are super passionate about contributing back to the community. We have a bunch of experience building out infrastructure in high volume, highly available environments and will be continuing to open source all the tools we build for orchestration, monitoring and security. Outside the BP community, we want to try encourage as many budding developers to the EOS ecosystem, we can't wait to see the new wave of dApps that will be built on top of the protocol.”

EOS Detroit comments:
Block Matrix is headquartered in England and is a really impressive block producer candidate. They have a great technical team, great community engagement on a local level, and a solid roadmap. Block Matrix is qualified and is well deserving of EOS Detroit’s support.

If you would like to vote for Block Matrix, cast your vote for blockmatrix1


Why vote for Blockgenic (in their own words)
"We are an international and experienced team consisting of 6 members. We are planning on onboarding big enterprises onto the EOS ecosystem and are always looking to add value to the EOS ecosystem, 2 examples being our UBI whitepaper and our Enterprise Security Frameworks for EOS Block Producers whitepaper."

EOS Detroit comments:
Blockgenic is a strong team that is focused on onboarding and education. Yannick Slenter is an asset to the community that has shown clear commitment to the EOS ecosystem. Their local outreach is strong as their meetups continue to gain traction in Seattle, USA. They are proponents of Universal Basic Income and we support them in their mission to spread the wealth!

If you would like to vote for Blockgenic, cast your vote for blockgenicbp


Why Vote for DutchEOS (in their own words)
“DutchEOS is a candidate BP based in The Netherlands, taking great pride in being 100% independent. DutchEOS is dedicated to serving the EOS ecosystem by proving reliability and efficiency, and by acting with the highest standards of integrity while being firmly rooted in the community. Our team has many years of experience in crypto, server management and software engineering. This is complemented by legal and finance knowhow we have on board. We are fully self-funded. Among other community contributions, DutchEOS maintains a BP monitor. The monitor gives non-elected BPs a chance to show off their performance and establish a reputation for themselves.”

EOS Detroit comments:
DutchEOS, headquartered in Amsterdam, is active in community governance discussion, contributing lots of good insight on a regular basis. Their block producer monitor will prove to be a valuable tool for the EOS community to keep an eye on performance that block producers are providing.

If you would like to vote for DutchEOS, cast your vote for dutcheosxxxx

EOS Africa

Why Vote for EOS Africa (in their own words)
“eosAfrica wants to apply block production rewards to fund the deployment of an EOS.IO full node at each African university, that has a computer science department. We think that universities across the continent should be the central points for blockchain adoption and development on the continent. As eosAfrica, we have compiled a balanced team of software engineers, economists, and academics for the purpose of bringing to life the vision we have for EOS.IO.”

EOS Detroit comments:
They have a small, but qualified team and we support their mission to increase blockchain education at universities. We support Khosi Morafo and believe in him.

If you would like to vote for EOS Africa, cast your vote for eosafricaone

EOS Bixin

Why vote for EOS Bixin (in their own words)
“EOSBIXIN Block Producer will try its best to contribute to EOS ecosystem, to realize the derivative applications of valuable EOS networks such as currency rights, equity rights, copyrights, and property rights, and help develop the choice projects based on the EOS ecosystem, thereby prospering the EOS ecosystem.”

EOS Detroit comments:
EOS Bixin is headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand and has already built two basic foundations of EOSBIXIN Block Producer and Bixin EOS Wallet to provide a robust network for EOS, and at the same time make it easier for everyone to use EOS to achieve the prosperity and development of EOS ecology.

If you would like to vote for EOS Bixin, cast your vote for eosbixinboot

EOS Blocksmith

Why Vote for EOS Blocksmith (in their own words)
“We are very honored to be recognized by EOS Detroit as one of the top 30 Block Producers. It is very rewarding to know that our hard work to help launch the EOS network and grow the EOS community has been noticed by many of the leading community members and other leading block producers that have curated their own lists of the Best BP’s. Here at BlockSmith, we value integrity and transparency greater than anything - a guiding principle that we aspire to reflect in everything that we do. That, and our pledge to avoid any conflicts of interests have set us apart from many of the other groups out there as a Block Producer candidate that all token holders can TRUST. Currently, we are helping to host meet-up events for the EOS San Francisco community, which has grown to an astonishing 456 members over the last few months. Simultaneously, we are also working on creating partnerships with several universities to promote EOS development and research, as we believe education is the best way to grow and empower the community. We encourage anyone who finds value in our message and efforts to vote for EOS BlockSmith. Help us keep EOS growing, strong, and decentralized!”

EOS Detroit comments:
EOS Blocksmith is headquartered in Oklahoma, USA and are the first Block Producer to guarantee complete financial independence by committing to giving no investment of any kind to any actor in EOS, removing any potential conflicts of interest and ensuring they never incentivise anyone financially to vote for them. Their financial promise makes them unique and we admire them for that. Go EOS Blocksmith!

If you would like to vote for EOS Blocksmith, cast your vote for blocksmithio

EOS Costa Rica

Why Vote for EOS Costa Rica (in their own words)
“EOS Costa Rica provides infrastructure to the EOS network enabling the responsible development of decentralized applications that will enhance our society. We challenge ourselves to run the most robust, self-funded, bare metal Block Producer possible from Costa Rica improving geographical and political diversity. We pledge to leverage our talent, experience, and sustainable resources to meet such an important challenge.
We envision a strong EOS community where democratic values foster an environment of innovation,responsible growth and prosperity. Our vision is full of groundbreaking dApps that improve access to education, capital and opportunity.
Our goal is to build a strong EOS community with a deep learning culture where knowledge is constantly being shared and applied. We are most passionate about dApps that facilitate collaboration and the bringing together of ideas. We are currently working on a project, DMeetup, that will allow the community to plan and attend classes, hackathons and workshops to build on top of EOS.”

EOS Detroit comments:
EOS Costa Rica is a solid self-funded team with disclosed and transparent ownership. They have bare metal infrastructure and are focused on clean renewable energy. EOS Costa Rica is operating 6 dedicated servers in mainnet and Jungle testnet and has access to a talented pool of developers in Latin America. EOS Costa Rica has over 4 years experience managing blockchain nodes on other DPOS blockchains and over 10 years of experience managing 24/7 server infrastructure.

If you would like to vote for EOS Costa Rica, cast your vote for costaricaeos

EOS Detroit

Our mission at EOS Detroit is to provide reliable service, expertise, and innovation to the EOS network while leveraging its power for public benefit here in Detroit, and communities around the world. The community-led innovation in Detroit's diverse communities is fertile ground for forging a whole new generation of decentralized applications designed to provide solutions to some of the most pressing challenges humanity faces.

Brought together from diverse backgrounds, the team at EOS Detroit is a cross-disciplinary powerhouse dedicated to extending the re ptive nine members strong, comprised of experience from multiple domains including web development, information security, community organizing, politics, film and audio production, design, hardware, network infrastructure, as well as several generations of blockchain deployment and maintenance. We’re always learning, developing, and striving for the creation and distribution of powerful tools to uplift everyday people.

If you would like to vote for EOS Detroit, cast your vote for eosiodetroit

EOS Dublin

Why vote for EOS Dublin (in their own words)
“We believe EOS has the potential to be ground breaking, but only with hard work and dedication from our global community will we achieve our shared objectives. EOS Dublin offer unique support and care for the EOS Community. We are a fully independent and self funded team, always pushing forward for progress aligned with our core values of Independence, Integrity, Honesty & Education. We proudly support initiatives like Chintai, and where we see gaps we fill them! for example building the ECAF website in time for launch and kicking off a project to build an essential referendum smart contract. We have many other projects in flight and look forward to sharing them soon.”

EOS Detroit comments:
EOS Dublin is headquartered in Ireland and has an impressive team, already with one dApp released called Parachute.They have a second dApp in the works, to be announced soon. They hold regular meetups in Dublin so deserve some credibility for their local community engagement and education as well. We hope to visit your team in Dublin someday!

If you would like to vote for EOS Dublin, cast your vote for eosdublinwow

EOS Green

Why vote for EOS Green (in their own words)
“We are on a mission to drive sustainability in blockchain and being a member of EOSGreen is more than just using renewable energy. It is an unshakable commitment to a Sustainable lifestyle. We love technology, we love blockchain, we love to innovate, we love to build. But in everything we do, we think about the impacts of our actions on society, nature and future generation. Our goal is to encourage each and every BP, dApps to adopt Sustainable Development Goals set forth by United Nations. We want to be part and support various projects which align with our mission. Our motto is to give more back to the future generations than taking.”

EOS Detroit comments:
EOS Green, headquartered in Poland, is stacked with an impressive team. Their long term vision of giving back to future generations is admirable and their roadmap looks very promising. We support EOS Green!

If you would like to vote for EOS Green, cast your vote for eosgreeniobp

EOS Mediterranean

Why Vote for EOS Mediterranean (in their own words)
“Our main skill within EOS community is to have a flexible team with multiple backgrounds and cultures that can adapt to the changing environment of EOS technology. We are eager to work on proposals that are inclusive to all lives of offline community, setting up business incubators along Mediterranean region to support S&M DAPPs”

EOS Detroit comments:
EOS Mediterranean is headquartered in Madrid, Spain. They are offering support to developers who wish to build decentralized applications on EOS with their incubator program. Their CFO Luis de la Mata has experience in food production and supply chain management, which could potentially be innovated through blockchain technology. This team and the decentralized applications that they are building will certainly be worth keeping an eye on.

If you would like to vote for EOS Mediterranean, cast your vote for eosmedinodes

EOS Meso

Why vote for EOS Meso (in their own words)
"We are coalition of Artists, Entrepreneurs, Developers, IT Professionals, VCs, Media partners, University Faculty and Trustees, Law and Finance experts, Telecommunication and Energy start ups and execs, Business School founders, Impact Investors and Blockchain Community Organizers; banded together as EOS BP candidates. We are ready to create blockchain solutions to developing world challenges, many of which are already in the alpha or beta phase like: Real time decentralized audit of electoral processes, Tokenization of Reforestation efforts and tree life cycles, Coffee and Kakao Supply Chain transparency, University Tuition Futures, Certification of Skills for Youth to get employment, HyperCoops, digital rights for music production and concert crowdfunding; and already in commercial use a local stablecoin soon to be passed from hyperledger to eos. We are Eos MesoAmerica, the best BP you can bet on to get EOS adopted by the millions of Latin Americans in North and Central America.”

EOS Detroit comments:
EOS Detroit had the honor of meeting multiple members of the EOS Meso team recently at Tulip Conference in San Francisco. They came all the way from Guatemala and treated us like family. Jose Toriello was on an EOS block producer panel about governance discussion and every time he spoke, the entire audience applauded him for his incredibly wise, thought-out answers. Jose Toriello is a role model to the EOS community as far as EOS Detroit is concerned. He represents EOS Meso and the country of Guatemala very well.

If you would like to vote for EOS Meso, cast your vote for eosmesodotio

EOS Metal

Why Vote for EOS Metal (in their own words)
“EOSMetal is founded on the premise of being as decentralized and independent as is possible while still providing a robust infrastructure. Operationally we have ensured that we have no outside business influences that would compromise our sole function, to produce blocks for the EOS community. This drives our operating decisions at every point in our design and operations. Bare Metal Servers: We believe Decentralization starts at the Hardware Layer, eliminating another potential 3rd party by committing Bare Metal to the blockchain.
Fully Independent: We are EOS investors first, dedicated to EOS success, we are self-funded with no outside investors, need for a token and we have not invested in DAPP's, we exist to only produce EOS blocks. Multi-International Servers: We did not stop at Bare Metal, we believe true Decentralization requires a Multi-International presence, spanning several Geopolitical locations. We are starting in Iceland and scaling to other crypto friendly geographical locations.
We have pledged to follow the constitution and the BP regproducer agreement, and believe strongly in the commitments those both lay out for block producers. We are honored to stand with EOS Detroit and other BP’s in supporting a decentralized EOS mainnet.”

EOS Detroit comments:
EOS Metal is headquartered in Iceland and is “Physically Decentralizing EOS Through Bare Metal and Multi-International Physical Servers”. EOS Metal is not building dApps, just producing blocks. Daniel is an incredibly talented individual that has put so much into the EOS community. We are proud to have EOS Metal on our list.

If you would like to vote for EOS Metal, cast your vote for eosmetaliobp

EOS Nairobi

Why Vote for EOS Nairobi (in their own words)
“Our vision is to see the potential and capabilities of Africa and its people translate to real value. Our mission is to expose the potential and capabilities of Africa to the world. We have a dynamic team of developers, researchers, lawyers, artists, entrepreneurs and other professionals who are brilliant and passionate members with an energy that's essential in enabling the EOS community to grow exponentially in Africa. We believe the EOS Blockchain is the best tool for this work. We are focused on building skills for EOS Blockchain development on the continent to allow Africa's young and entrepreneurial generation to provide solutions for Africa and the world. Currently, EOS NAIROBI is actively undertaking blockchain and enterprise skills development in Africa's young and entrepreneurial generation through our EOS backed Dev school and incubator, Kotani. We are also engaged in actively developing tools and DApps in collaboration with other communities to support the EOS ecosystem and token holders.”

EOS Detroit comments:
EOS Nairobi is headquartered the East African nation of Kenya and consists of a solid team with good local community engagement. Their technological partnership with Techno Brain reaches across 20 countries! EOS Nairobi is a great member to have in the EOS community and we are happy to support them!

If you would like to vote for EOS Nairobi, cast your vote for eosnairobike

EOS NodeOne

Why EOS NodeOne (in their own words)
“Our motto is “Positive Sum World for All.”
We will accelerate Dapps and airdrop their tokens to ALL voters who exercised their voting power, NO MATTER who you voted for. This is a compensation mechanism that does NOT reward voters for voting for certain candidates but yet incentivizes the ACT OF VOTING ITSELF. Our plan of rewarding ALL voters (even if you don’t vote EOS NodeOne) with DApp airdrops is very powerful, because it aligns the interest of all players in the EOS ecosystem. We believe this will only get stronger if more BPs join to take the same strategy to reward those who stake their tokens to cast votes. This system will incentivize EOS holders to vote, REGARDLESS of who they vote for, and will return the benefits to both the holders and the BPs, creating a virtuous cycle that results in positive gains for all parties involved. We all want to make better EOS. Let’s stake and vote together for the long term, instead of short term speculate. Don’t pump and dump, stake! Vote EOS NodeOne, Vote other you believe!”

EOS Detroit comments:
EOS NodeOne has the largest EOS community among all other BP candidates in Korea with 3,500+ Telegram group participants and 5,000+ news subscribers.The global team is consisted of an engineer with C.S. & biotechnology masters degree in Harvard and Boston, a founding member of Korea's biggest startup incubator with $500m fund, a renowned blockchain expert and an electrical engineering doctor who hold more than 30+ patents and more. We had the honor of meeting Hahn recently at Tulip Conference in San Francisco, California. We hope to visit your team in South Korea soon!

If you would like to vote for EOS NodeOne, cast your vote for eosnodeonebp


Why vote for EOS SoCal (in their own words)
“We at EOS SOCAL see EOSIO public blockchain as a social experiment that is paving the way for improvement in societal structure and business, which we believe will help bring prosperity across the world. Our focus is to continue developing tools, dapps and provide community support to contribute to the long term success of EOSIO. We are passionate about our current projects which includes rebuilding eosdrops.io to help users track and manage air drops, developing tradestuff.com dapp to unlock the value of p2p barter, completing our BP transparency dashboard to give token holders transparency into block rewards, and are gearing up to announce various additional projects in the pipeline.”

EOS Detroit comments:
EOS SoCal, based in Los Angeles, has proven to be a strong, creative, team of builders bringing value to the EOS community. Their focus on building great tools for data analysis, education, and local community engagement is why we think they deserve our vote!

If you would like to vote for EOS SoCal, cast your vote for eossocalprod


Why vote for EOS the World (in their own words)
“EOS the World, LLC, based in Puerto Rico, is a team of consummate professionals, based in one of the world’s rapidly growing capitals of cryptocurrency, supported strongly by local business and government entities. We have joined together in the belief that EOS is the way forward to reestablishing transparency, openness, fairness and opportunity in the world’s markets and societies. Every member of our team has a long, stellar record in computer hardware, software, internet security, business, legal, accounting, and philanthropy professions. We offer best-in-class new, dedicated to EOS only equipment including: 1 petabyte bare metal storage, and new servers with 768 GB of RAM, all housed in state-of-the-art Tier 3 data centers with complete redundancies. Our philanthropic efforts include education of the next generation of application developers using EOS code, community education and integration into the mainstream, as well as helping Puerto Rico recover from the devastating effects of Hurricane Maria.
We are not the race driver, we are the competent pit crew (behind the scenes) who assists the token holders and application developers reach their dreams and goals.”

EOS Detroit comments:
Headquartered in San Juan, Puerto Rico, EOS the World boasts a very talented and diverse team. Brett Jeffery is easily one of the most passionate people in the EOS community and his leadership is absolutely inspiring. EOS Detroit is very grateful to have you in the EOS community. EOS the World is pledging to donate up to 75% of their net profit (after primary expenses and needs are met) toward philanthropic efforts. EOS the World has our vote.

If you would like to vote for EOS the World, LLC, cast your vote for 1eostheworld


Why Vote for EOS Titan (in their own words)
“EOS Titan regroups veterans from the crypto community and from the telecommunications industry, and aims to provide cutting-edge technology products and services built on top of the EOS network to facilitate the adoption of blockchain technologies worldwide. We believe in decentralized and censorship-resistant governance structures, and are staunch advocates of free market principles. With mirror configurations deployed to data centers spread over 3 different zones of geo-political influence, yet connected by ultra-fast 20 gbps optic fiber, our block producer nodes sit behind a Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) network, ensuring the maximal level of reliability possible against DDOS attacks. Considering we have close to two decades of practical experience delivering high volume of secure data to our users worldwide, we believe our election as block producer would contribute tremendously to safeguarding and strengthening the EOS network.”

EOS Detroit comments:
EOS Titan is headquartered in Montreal, Canada and Bulgaria. They have an impressive large diverse team, promising infrastructure, and a really bold roadmap. They also developed a neat vote distribution tool. EOS Titan is well qualified and deserving of your vote.

If you would like to vote for EOS Titan, cast your vote for eostitanprod


Why Vote for EOS Tribe (in their own words)
“EOS Tribe seeks to improve the EOS network with a sharp focus on security and intends to help drive adoption through improving usability in the overall ecosystem. EOS Tribe's Eugene Luzgin was a member of the Ghostbusters/Core initiative and has been active in the EOS community since it's very inception. With a PHD in computer science, Eugene has led the network security teams of some of the largest hacker targets in the world, and kept them safe (Federal Reserve, Deutsche Bank, etc...).
The other half of EOS Tribe, Steve Floyd has run and sold several startups before his journey into EOS. Steve has been a strong community leader in the US and firece advocate of EOS since the Dawn 2.0 days. Contributing to the development of critical projects like the Chintai Token Leasing Platform and the EOSPortal.io voting portal. A designer and front end engineer by trade, Steve is always eager to help provide UI/ UX on dApps and various community projects.
With a rich mix of enterprise and entrepreneurial experience, EOS Tribe represents a pragmatic, independent block producer operation with a tangible path to execution for how they plan to improve the overall network and larger ecosystem in the coming years.”

EOS Detroit comments:
EOS Tribe has clearly proven themselves to be a leading block producer candidate well deserving of an active top 21 role. Steve Floyd and Eugene Luzgin are two of the most hard working and dedicated members of the EOS community. Their contributions seem endless. Their diverse talented team has been involved in numerous great initiatives adding undeniable value to the EOS ecosystem. EOS Tribe has been very supportive of our team at EOS Detroit and we are forever grateful. EOS Tribe has our vote!

If you would like to vote for EOS Tribe, cast your vote for eostribeprod


Why Vote for EOS Vibes (in their own words)
“Our vision for EOS is to see it evolve into an Enterprise Operating System whereby it’s community of users are able to generate good levels of income though taking part in dapps that inspire, interest and reward them for their effort.
EOSVIBES core strength lies in Dapp development and they also have a high level of competency in working with Graphene-based blockchains.”

EOS Detroit comments:
EOS Vibes is headquartered in Amsterdam and considers themselves the dApp building block producer. They built a really cool app called HireVibes which helps connect job seekers with employers. EOS Vibes has a solid team, and we want to support them to see them build more dApps!

If you would like to vote for EOS Vibes, cast your vote for eosvibesbloc


Why Vote for EOS WTZ (in their own words)
“EOS WTZ has team members in China and US and has an EOS community in China with more than 200,000 people. It hold meetups in 6 cities in China. There are more than 2 thousand people attended in person and more than 200,000 people watch the live streem. They are also running an education platform named WTZ Blockchain Academy to educate community and encourage them getting more involved in EOS ecosystem. EOS WTZ also puts a lot of efforts to bring global community together by introducing BPs in the other countries to Chinese community.”

EOS Detroit comments:
EOS WTZ is headquartered in Nanjing, China with a couple team members in New York. They are the founders of the WTZ Blockchain Academy and are well deserving of your vote because they are so committed to education, and that is so incredibly important. We support them in their efforts to get everyone working together on the EOS governance discussion, regardless of geographic region. We also appreciate their initiative to onboard block producer candidates onto WeChat. Thank you Jialin and Xingxing!

If you would like to vote for EOS WTZ, cast your vote for eoswtzeoswtz


Why Vote for generEOS (in their own words)
“Team GenerEOS believes in the power of EOS to change the world. We love this community and want to provide the means for everyone to get involved. We have a passionate team that lives and breathes EOS. Our first step in this journey is eostoolkit.io, and we are extremely excited about what is coming next.”

EOS Detroit comments:
generEOS is headquartered in Sydney, Australia and boasts an incredibly talented team. Their focus on education through blog posts has definitely been helpful to many members in the EOS community. Also, they have committed to giving back some block rewards to charities. EOS Detroit can get behind that. Well done all around GenerEOS!

If you would like to vote for generEOS, cast your vote for aus1genereos


Why Vote for HK EOS (in their own words)
“EOSIO has the potential to change the face of the internet. We now have an operating system that allows us to take ownership and benefit from our own human capital; no longer do we need to be beholden to large centralized operators, making decisions to purely benefit their own bottom lines. While HKEOS’s core responsibility rests in our technical proficiency to produce blocks + debug the blockchain, we believe the ultimate success of the EOSIO blockchain is firmly in the quality and success of the Dapps and individuals interacting within EOSIO ecosystem. This is why we are so passionate about our HKEOS dApp incubator. We are actively identifying, funding and supporting developers and entrepreneurs that are building meaningful EOSIO based projects, which have a real social impact and ultimately improve people’s lives and promote good. The strength of the team definitely resides in our proven ability to execute on our promises to the EOSIO community. Our technical team gained acclaim for the Ghostbusters Security Solution, which is now the standard within the ecosystem. Our incubator has ties to TomorrowVC and is already partnering with our regional BP peers to help EOSIO projects. In the broader community, our most notable efforts include working with Block.One to run the inaugural EOSIO HK Meet up; HKEOS members continue to lead all the community meetups in Hong Kong, while working with other Block Producers regionally to reach the broader community.”

EOS Detroit comments:
HK EOS is headquartered in Hong Kong and is responsible for starting Ghostbusters which was influential in the successful launch of the EOS mainnet. Now they are aiming to be the first major dApps incubator program, and expedite mainstream adoption of EOS. HK EOS is absolutely well qualified and deserving of your vote.

If you would like to vote for HK EOS, cast your vote for hkeoshkeosbp


Why vote for ONO (in their own words)
“We are already an experienced, fully-functioning, well-organized team of 40+ people in Beijing, China and we believe our core values are aligned very closely with those at the heart of EOS.IO philosophy. Additionally, we believe we will add significant and deep social value both to the people within the EOS.IO ecosystem and to those who are EOS token holders. We understand how to create authentic environments that nurture the social aspect of human beings on a deeper level than what is currently available on the market.”

EOS Detroit comments:
eosOno is headquartered in China and built a free, decentralized social network dApp on the EOS platform which protects and respects the variety and diversity of human social interaction. Their founder Ke Xu has an impressive resume and with over 150,000 users in beta already, expect big things from ONO in the future.

If you would like to vote for ONO, cast your vote for eosonoeosono


Why vote for OracleChain (in their own words)
“OracleChain’s vision for the whole EOS community is we truly wish all the community members who involved in this EOS ecosystem can achieve their values, If you ask me about our team strengths I will be really proud to tell you we have one of the most advanced Blockchain team with a strong technical background in China. We focus on the popularization of EOS technology, the fostering of developers' ecology, and the landing of EOS ecology. We will continue to open up and open-source all our works. We are very passionate about our projects OracleChain and PocketEOS!”

EOS Detroit comments:
OracleChain, based in Beijing, has been impressing everyone with their ability to rapidly and efficiently release useful dApps and tools that benefit the EOS community as a whole. We look forward to visiting Beijing!

If you would like to vote for OracleChain, cast your vote for oraclegogogo


Why Vote for shEOS (in their own words)
“At shEOS, we believe that the EOS Blockchain presents an opportunity unprecedented in human history, when all human beings will have equal access to decentralized fundamental tech-based goods and services, like communication, education and banking, all made possible through the high-speed capabilities of EOS.IO. As a Block Producer for EOS, we know that our primary responsibility is the impeccable custodianship of our node, and we’ve got that job nailed with our team of technologists, engineers and entrepreneurs who constitute our membership. At the same time, all of us at shEOS are deeply committed to giving back to the EOS Community through our non-profit shEOS Foundation, whose mission is a broad-based educational program including community Meet-ups all over the world, an annual shEOS Summit Conference, and our flagship shEOS Scholarship program. Initially, we will focus our scholarships primarily on women and girls who live in marginalized second and third world countries. We believe that our focus on teaching digital literacy to these young females will not only help bring closer to parity the ratio of female users and employees on the blockchain, but, as these educated girls grow into responsible working women, it will have lasting implications for empowering whole societies. A pilot program for shEOS scholars is launching on July 11, in Sofia, Bulgaria, in partnership with Kingsland University and Academy School of Blockchain.”

EOS Detroit comments:
shEOS is headquartered in Spain and has an all women team. Their mission to end the gender gap and empower women through blockchain technology is incredibly admirable. EOS Detroit had the honor of chatting with Naomi recently at Tulip Conference in San Francisco, California. Her knowledge was impressive and her friendliness was unmatched. It was so fun to meet you and we hope to host you in Detroit soon or come visit in Spain!

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Great summary!

Thanks for helping the EOS community access information on different BPs and for including our effort to improve the network!

Killer list, these are all top notch organizations.

Also - thanks for the kind words guys, we are humbled and appreciative.


Thanks! I recently bought EOS, and this is something I didn't know. I'll definitley take action.

This is very cool. While I feel it is necessary for each of us to do our due diligence when choosing who to vote for, it is also interesting to see which BP's you believe in. I appreciate your transparent and informative approach!