EOS Detroit Membership Guidelines

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EOS Detroit has been considering our guidelines for a while now informally, but will post them for the first time here today. Perhaps one of the unique things about our guidelines is that we will not hold a vested interest in our DAC BP cohorts as a matter of eliminating any potential conflict of interest, even if that interest is in the form of a airdropped DAC BP token (EOSDAC is the most obvious example).


These guidelines are intended to set the code of conduct expected of all members of the EOS Detroit organization.

  1. EOS Detroit members pledge to uphold and adhere to the values put forth by the EOS Constitution that is adopted on the EOS network.

  2. Implied by #1, EOS Detroit members pledge to uphold and adhere to the Block Producer Agreement as mandated by the EOS Constitution.

  3. EOS Detroit members will make day-to-day decisions in accordance with what we perceive to be the best interest of the success of the EOS network.

  4. EOS Detroit members agree to public disclosure of salary and ownership in the EOS Detroit company.

  5. To maintain independence, EOS Detroit and its members will not hold a vested interest in any other block producer candidates. This includes DAC block producers. EOS Detroit will only run one Block Producer node per network.

  6. EOS Detroit and its members will never pay for approval votes, collude with other Block Producers, or be corruptible by outside interests.

  7. EOS Detroit and its members pledge to abide by and enforce community voted arbitration without delay, and maintain complete silence regarding open cases.

  8. EOS Detroit and its members promise cooperation, conversation, engagement, and open-mindedness to the community as we collectively strive to achieve consensus on all matters.


Goof stuff and we feel the same. Good to see more BPs coming out about the ethics behind their decision making on the network.

I think we have similar views on what a BP should be, I look forward to work with your guys.

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great post, Financial transparency is just so important...

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