EOS.CYBEX Governance Pledge

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EOS.CYBEX hereby composes our ideas on EOS governance for the deliberation of each and every EOS community member. We, by presenting this governance blueprint, expect to provoke more insights into how to build a flourishing EOS ecosystem from an institutional perspective. We were inspired by @eosnewyork and @eos42 and we really appreciate that. Based on the original code of conduct of them, we have made our own adjustments and additions which we present in the below.

EOS.CYBEX, the member of the EOS.IO community, in order to form a more perfect and sustainable ecosystem, establish a secure and transparent decentralized network, hereby do ordain and establish this Constitution. We aim to create and maintain this community together with all community members from any country or region through the high performance and reliable network support, protecting the rights of contract and of private property and encouraging innovation and sharing.

The security, transparency and independency of EOS.IO community will be deemed as our foremost priority. We believe that the security of this community shall be highly valued since the rights of contract and of private property shall be sacred and inviolable; the transparency of community operations shall be promoted as a result of neither any knowingly false or misleading statements nor profit thereby shall be allowed, and the independency of any or all members of this community is the fundamental premise of objectivity and fairness and shall not be influenced, especially the 21 supernodes.

Honesty, Integrity, and Ethics
EOS.CYBEX warrant that the honesty, integrity and the highest ethics standards shall be acted with and maintained in all aspects of our conduct. We will never accept or pay anything of value in exchange for a vote and always abide by all provisions of the EOS.IO constitution.

EOS.CYBEX warrant that a series of security measures will be adopted to prevent any intentional or unintentional threatens or risks to the operation and the safety of EOS.IO community.

We believe that the operation of EOS.IO community shall be open and transparent, including but not limited to the operational details and the income and expenses of each witnessnode. Only in the case of transparency, a better moral standards in EOS.IO community will be established through supervision by all members.

EOS.CYBEX will maintain full operational and financial independence at all times. We warrant that EOS.CYBEX will not be affected by any investors or other global Block Producers, and will never compromise with any benefit. The operational and financial details of EOS.CYBEX will be regularly released to the community for review and evaluation by all members.

High Network Performance
EOS.CYBEX warrant that we will commit to the construction of network infrastructure and personnel cultivation to enable the EOS.IO network to perform at the highest level and scale effectively.

Reasonable Inflation Rate
As a financial independent nodes, EOS. CYBEX will not pursue the excess revenue and we will also assist in supervision of other nodes, spare no effort to stabilize inflation rates and bring prosperity to EOS.IO community and maintain rights and interests of the majority members thereof at the same time.

Global Witnessnode Meet-up
The operation and development of EOS.IO community shall be discussed annually by Global Witnessnode Meet-up hosted by all witnessnodes, and the conference process shall be transparent and delivered to the public thereof.

Abide By All Arbitration Decisions
EOS.CYBEX warrant that any and all arbitration decisions enacted and made on the basis of consensus of community shall be final and binding upon EOS. CYBEX and we will abide by and enforce aforementioned decisions without delay, which will bring greater efficiency and build up standard for EOS ecosystem.

Amendments to EOS.IO Constitution
In case EOS.IO constitution is amended, EOS. CYBEX will spare no effort to propagate and popularize the reasons and contents of the amendment of EOS.IO constitution. We will organize and participate in the voting for the feasible amendment after it is understood by the majority thereof, preserve this amendment onto EOS.IO blockchain, and educate all the community members.



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