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EOS Costa Rica - Some Views and Objectives

in eos •  9 months ago

Hi Jbus, thanks for the question! We think the following points set us apart from other BPs

  • We are 100% independent and do not have ownership related to any Dapps, Exchange or Mining Pool
  • We are 100% self-funded and do not have investments from VC funds, other BPs or a pool of investors.
  • We have bare metal servers that we physically control and secure
  • We have 10 years experience running 24/7 data center infrastructure
  • We have 4yrs+ experience running blockchain nodes including other DPOS nodes
  • We are located in a diverse part of the planet with multiple submarine fiber optic cables
  • We are located in a jurisdiction that is politically stable, respects democracy, liberty and clear property laws.
  • We are committed to reinvesting rewards to educate and training developers in Latin America to build the best decentralized applications on EOS.

We think those are pretty good metrics for a block producer but we are open to any suggestions so we can become your ideal BP.

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I will vote for you.