Jungle Testnet Reset Survey

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The Jungle Testnet has a syncing problem for nodeos versions > 1.1.0. A bug was discovered in Jungle which led to an important fix being applied on to the EOS mainnet, but it left the Jungle Testnet with this sync problem. It’s a barrier to entry for new participants.

Temporary work-around:
Currently if you are not synced or on a wrong fork, you need to downgrade to v1.1.0 sync your node and upgrade, once you sync past the “poison blocks” you can upgrade to the latest version.

In a recent weekly Jungle community call, we discussed the possibility of resetting the jungle testnet and starting a new chain.

Since there are many different stakeholders using Jungle Testnet this decision should be a community driven initiative , which is why it was decided to create this survey to gauge community sentiment.

If you have an account on the Jungle Testnet, please complete the following survey as best as possible, everyone’s opinion is important.


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