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We are super excited to see what teams from all over the world build on EOS. At EOS Costa Rica we have been working on a really quick way to setup and maintain a local development environment for EOS dApps.

EOS local allows you to focus on building features, not on configurations or integrating commonly used third party-services.

Check out our EOS local intro video

Have a look our gitHub

It's 100% open source and built for the community, we hope you enjoy it!

EOS Costa Rica is a Block Producer Candidate

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Really nice guys. Will have a look at it for sure.

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thank @forykw, this is the very first version. Features on the roadmap are:

  • eoslocal cli.
  • integrated block explorer.
  • support for multiple networks.
  • smart contracts testing framework ( in javascript most likely, as in truffle).
  • open source streaming library. ( exploring graphql subscriptions )
  • realtime reactive state management system.

I am especially interested in the last one. =)